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Worlds Beyond Number Podcast Launches to Huge Numbers | TTRPG History's Most Impressive Launch

So, what does Worlds Beyond Number's success mean for the state of tabletop RPG real plays? Well, the podcast is absolutely the biggest entrance into the ever-growing field of TTRPG real plays in quite time as well as additionally seems to support that Actual Play shows don't require a streaming or video clip element to be very effective. It also shows one more pathway to success in the Actual Play area-- all four podcast co-creators have actually made multiple guest or reoccurring experiences on other large TTRPG shows prior to starting out with their own creator-owned work, which permitted the group to create a sizable number of fans and also a good reputation before an episode was formally introduced. As of press time, Worlds Beyond Number is the 12th most supported Patreon on the website with over 24,300 backers. That makes it the third-highest TTRPG-related Patreon, behind Dungeons & Daddies and Not One More D&D Podcast. The initial episode of Worlds Beyond Num

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