Basketball | NBA: Lebron James leads Los Angeles Lakers to Victory - Celtics Siegen without Dennis Schröder

NBA record champion Boston Celtics has found the way back to the winning road without the German basketball international Dennis Schröder.

After two defeats, the Celtics sat by the Toronto Raptors with 109: 97, Schröder lacked because of a sprain of the right ankle. For the Raptors, Isaac Tonga remained in eleven minutes without corporation.

National player Isaiah Hammerstein conceded a significant defeat with the Los Angeles Clippers. Against the Golden State Warriors with the dazzled superstar Stephen Curry, the Californians with 90: 105. While Hart stein came to six points and five rebounds, curry outline with 33 meters. The Warriors perform the North American Profiling with 18 wins from 20 games.

LeBron James in top concentration

Gianni Antetokounmpo led defending champion Milwaukee Bucks with a double-double (26 points, 13 rebounds) at the 118: 100 at the Indiana Pacers for seventh victory in series.

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LeBron James also presented itself in excellent constitution. The 36-year-old led the Los Angeles Lakers with 33 points to a 110: 106 against the Detroit Pistons. His teammates Russell Westbrook (25 points) and Anthony Davis (24) also showed appealing achievements.