FIFA 22 - Best of Totw, all equipment 1 with Mbappé, Salah and more, already available in envelopes

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The Black Friday is also available at FIFA 22, but EA Sports has decided to start a bit before throwing the best of tow tonight!

Great news this season! We will have two teams Best of Tow! In the first, already available, we have Mbappé if, among other level players like Salah or are.


In addition to that, there are always Messi if that is available in packages, so there are really many perfect players that can be obtained through the envelopes. So it seems good time for you to open those envelopes that you were keeping for special moments, because you may have to touch the best cards of the game.

Full list of the best Tow players 1

Mbappé — PSG Salah — Liverpool Are — Spurs Gretzky — Bavaria FOD EN — Manchester City Roberto Firming — Liverpool Theo Hernández — AC Milan

Vinicius Jr. — Real Madrid Upscale — Bavaria Jesús Naval — Seville Suárez — Atlético de Madrid

Best of Tow 1 players are available until November 27 at 7 p.m. ET.