Len's Island Elaboration Guide

In this Islam de Len processing guide, I will tell you what you need to know to unlock new weapons, new tools, new furniture and how to easily get iron fragments.

How Islam de Len Elaboration Works

Isla de Len The elaboration is similar to most other games: you will gather some resources and use them to make buildings, weapons and tools with those resources. However, it has some key differences.

To begin with, there is no preparation by hand: everything is elaborated in the workbench or in other stations. You will have to manufacture some items when you buy things for the merchants of the city; You will not buy everything alone with coins.

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As for your weapons and tools, do not elaborate specific elements to the extent that unlock access to the elements. You can never lose them, but you can only equip them in a toolbox, a shelf or your work bench.

Finally, you can repair some elements of the world as bridges and stairs. These will also require resources; Be sure to always carry something of wood, fibers, stone and limestone when you are exploring the world in case you need it.

What you need to create Islam de Len

While it can do some crafts in the merchants of the city, it will take care of most of its elaboration in a structure that has built somewhere. There are a total of four structures necessary for the elaboration:


The work bank is probably the most important thing for what will be built Islam de Len Elaboration. It allows you to unlock new weapons and tools, new pieces of construction, new furniture and new elements for agriculture.


The only purpose of the chimney is to convert flour into bread.

Refinery: How to get iron fragments Islam de Len

The user of the Wood or Coal refinery to refine certain resources in other resources: Surprisingly, this is one of the most reliable and consistent ways to obtain iron fragments in addition to mining at The Ancient Caves.

10 stone> 3 fragments of iron 10 Limestone> 5 glass 10 clay> 1 sapphire


The windmill can convert wheat into flour. However, it has a second purpose: it can also be used to automate agriculture together with a well and a water tower. Unfortunately, it will not unlock it until you update your work bank at level 3.