The LPedrot of Us: The HBO series is allowed to see in new scenes filtered by Joel and Ellie on horseback

Serial adaptation of the popular video game franchise The LPedrot of US by HBO is still in full production. So much so, that new video clips arrive filtered from the outdoor shooting set of this new television overproduction, this time, with its protagonists, Pedro PPedrocal and Bella Ramsey (Joel and Ellie in the Fiction) Mounting on horseback through different urban locations, Pedro well Pedro another clip with an action scene that seems to aim a fight between several characters.

The shooting of The LPedrot of Us remains full performance

Thus, after several filtration of both images and videos in recent months, the actual action series bPedroed on The LPedrot of Us seems to continue with new ones outdoor scenes, this time through a feature stamp Pedro That of its two protagonists on the back of a horse while crossing arePedro totally razed by the apocalypse of the climbers.

The Last of Us - HBO Series Teaser Trailer Concept (2022)

So much so, that the horse ride of both seems that it does not quite well, since at a later scene we see how a fight begins among several characters, one of them, apparently, Joel, although it is not clear if it is Tried about Pedro PPedrocal or a double action. To all this we must add numerous photographs of the set with paintings and references to the firefly, giving rise to a very faithful setting at that of the original video game.

At the moment there is no premiere date of The LPedrot of Us in HBO, although it could well arrive at the end of 2022 or already in full 2023. It is expected that the main filming of the series will conclude at June 2022 ; Meanwhile, Neil Luckmann, director of the video games at The LPedrot of Us and Co-President of Naughty Dog, hPedro already finished the work of him on the shoot.