Urs Fischer reveals his rituals: Deutschrap and luck

I always listen to about the same songs, Fischer reveals his ritual before playing Union Berlin in the new edition of the podcast Fischer meets DAZN. The selection surprises but quiet. Because in addition to artists like Chris REA and Barry White, there is also German Rap on Fischer's playlist, as he asked. Everything is really there.

And also a little superstition has gained itself in the processes of the quiet Swiss. I already have one or the other ritual, explains Fischer. I have a jean that is already washed, but if she's successful, then it will be kept. But that's what since this season, because the last season I had a tracksuit all the time. However, despite the extremely successful Union season including qualification for the Europa Conference League, Fischer has decided for a change: This season I wanted to do something new. So superstition only up to a certain point.

How Favre once finished Fischer's career

In addition, Fischer talks about the last episode of his player career, which was quasi by Lucien Favre. In 2003, Fischer was with 37 years Routinize at FC Zurich, he actually wanted to go to his last season as a pro. It was made between our old coach that I have a year's drapes and the young players approach when it's not so good. But then Favre became new FCC coach — and did not plan with the defender anymore.

Of course that was not quite pleasant for me, says Fischer. You want to prepare for — and just before it goes into the preparation, you will be informed that your career is over. Favre gave him the decision, but: He has communicated at a level with which I can handle... It was correct from his point of view, I can understand that today with a certain distance.

In any case, the episode has not led to animosities, on the contrary. Fischer later hesitated under Favre and pulled some teachings from his approach. Many things I looked at him, I turn on today, says Fischer. Aerie, working on things and staying Franz until they are perfect. I was able to look away a lot.

Listen in the new Fischer meets DAZN edition also, W ARUM Two Agonist, especially with Union so flourished why Fischer has hurricane once for three months and with which hobby he likes to distract himself.

Listen to the new episode Fischer meets DAZN now:

29 . November 202101: 29: 50 hours

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Exactly 109 episodes the KM crew has been held without interruption, but now Alex has to pay the hard jet's life of a podcaster tribute. The long blonde is ill and therefore can not be there for the first time in history at Fischer Meet's DAZN. Good improvement, Schlitz! And always nice inhale! Of course, as the world continues to continue, Benny will take over the command and has invited high-profile support for this week. Unions Success Trainer Urs Fischer is a guest and speaks in detail about his three and a half years in Köpenick. The Swiss explains why the club, and he fit together so well, where in East Germany can fish particularly good and why Lucien Favre has finished his player career. In addition, of course, the current Bundesliga construction sites are edited: Fischer reporter Carlo Wild analyzes the Chaotic Annual General Meeting of the FC Bayern and colleague Steffen tube the coaching office at Bertha.

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