4 errors to avoid in Pokémon Bright diamond and gleaming pearl

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Have you just made with Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl thanks to the Christmas season and is the first time you discover the fourth generation and the Singh region? We bring you some errors that you should avoid committing at the beginning of the adventure if you want to be the best possible coach.

Forget you to replant the berries

This is probably one of the emblematic activities of these remakes and, however, a many players find it very heavy to pick up the berries. Worse still: they do not want to waste time replanting them. It is understandable as it can be redundant when it is necessary to plant them and water them one by one. However, berries will be useful throughout the adventure for several reasons:

  1. Equipped or used in combat, cure health or status and have many other useful effects.
  2. Berries are the same basis to make Ponchos, an important feature in Singh that will allow you to increase the statistics of your Pokémon. So, you can earn more easily Super Show contests or evolve certain Pokémon.

never use the pokéreloj

The pokéreloj is obtained very early in the adventure, and you will see you forced to use it to surf, fly or cut bushes. In summary, this small jewel of technology will allow you to use the secret skills obtained while exploring SINGH, but is full of other very useful features.

It would be a pity not to use the twenty applications available. While some are very simple, like the one that shows you the time, others are much more practical. We think in particular on the pedometer To use in the Safari, the Friendship Controller so that Pokémon evolves through the system of happiness or radar of objects.

Dodge trainers on your way

Although Pokémon games have become simpler over the years, especially thanks to distribute exp, This new 4G version will still require you to accumulate a minimum of experience to level up your pocket monsters. In fact, the Pokémon League and the fight against Cynthia are not simple and will require level 60 or 70 creatures at least.

Do not dodge any coach on the road will allow you to reach the required level faster.

Never change equipment

The error that we often commit when starting a game of Pokémon is to keep the same team with its initial and the first creatures trapped on the road. By confronting your first gyms, you will quickly realize that have a team with different types will be much more effective, and you should not hesitate to change two or three monsters regularly.

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Do not buy Poke Balls in multiples of 10

Small additional advice for beginners: When going to a Pokémon store, you will always receive 1 Ball for free if you buy your Poke Balls in multiples of 10.

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