Announcement wave at Ubisoft

In the gaming industry, all eyes were largely focused on Activision Blizzard. But even at the gaming giant Ubisoft happened in 2021 so much behind the scenes. A rule rights wave to terminations has recorded the French players worldwide.

Termination wave at Ubisoft

Ubisoft has received a particularly strong dismissal shaft this year. Over 18 months, a proverbial procession left the developer studio worldwide. Of still active Ubisoft employees, this phenomenon is referred to as The Great Exodus or the severed artery.

According to a report from Axis, talents from the top of the company leave the studio in an alarming pace. These include, for example, five of the 25 best employees who have worked on Far Cry 6. As well as 12 of the 50 best working at Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

This does not only affect the high-level employees at Ubisoft. Also, from the lower ranks many employees leave the company.

Axis could prove via LinkedIn that alone in Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft Montreal have terminated 60 employees each. The problem should be so great that even whole projects should be stalled or have delayed because there was too little staff.

The Canadian Department of Ubisoft responded to this circumstance not too long. They promised more salary to keep the remaining employees. However, a significant increase in salary received only high-ranking employees with this measure, which was denounced by the employee union abgeeubisoft.

Ubisoft employees are dissatisfied

In his report, Axis returns this development in Ubisoft to several factors. In interviews with former and active Ubisoft employees, the magazine received an insight into the previous states in the gaming company.

The employees led to low salaries as the reason for their dismissals and that elsewhere better paid positions would have been waiting for them. Also, a certain creative frustration played a role in many.

In addition, but also a frustration towards the French headquarters and its handling of the recent allegations of sexism and harassment at work.

Ubisoft sees no problem

Ubisoft himself does not indicate that this has led everything to the many dismissals. The company rather talks about the opposite and indicates that this would not make up much. Axis were provided data that has a notice rate of 12 percent.

While the lower than Activision-Blizzard (16 percent), which are struggling with similar allegations in the company, but still significantly higher than competitors such as EA (9 percent) or Take Two (8 percent) and Epic Games (7 percent).

In an interview with Axis, Ubisoft's head of HR department, Anika Grant, commented as follows:

Our notice rate is today a few percentage points above the usual level. But it is still within the industry's forms.

Ubisoft tries opposed

Meanwhile, Ubisoft vehemently introduces new employees to close the gaps incurred. In addition, the company recently invested 950 million dollars in a new studio in Canada.

The announcement of a new Splinter Cell Remakes was associated with a call to join the studio to work at the game.

The company also seems to be increasingly many thoughts to make NFTs. Very to regret the employees. Many who left the company said that Ubisoft should focus on others.

PlayStation & Xbox Bosses Slam Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick After Bombshell WSJ Article Instead, Ubisoft should rather solve the problems within the company. Many active employees also expressed themselves negatively about the NFT introduction by Ubisoft.

Source: Axis

From Dina Makovich Author 21.12.2021 at 14:30