Big Steam Darling now available in Xbox Game Pass

Star dew Valley (essentially equated Sternal or Celebrity Mutual ) is a computer system game that integrates the genre simulation game and also role play. It was created by an individual (Eric Barony) as well as published in 2016 from British Publisher Chuckle fish. Regarding all systems, Star dew Valley has actually sold over 15 million times and also is one of the very successful video game of perpetuity.

The offer of the Xbox Game Pass is growing and growing, even if still titles have to go. For December, Microsoft has been able to solder a very special cracker: Star dew Valley. Farming simulation has been a true hit for years on Steam and now finally playable in the Xbox game subscription.

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Star dew Valley: Indie-Wunder now part of the Xbox Game Pass

If you have subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass, you will receive access to over 100 games, which can optionally be drawn on the smartphone on the XBOX, PC or via Cloud Gaming. At regular intervals, Microsoft updates the game offer of his subscription service, throws out old games and adds new ones.

This month all subscribers can look forward to the Steam Hit Star dew Valley, which is already available both on the PC and the Xbox. The Indie-Game of the Concerned Ape developer appeared 5 years ago, but has always been supplied with updates since then, which enhanced the game around new content. One of the most important patches adds a multiplayer mode to the game.

On Steam, the players with the Enough Farming simulation are particularly satisfied. 98 percent of reviews are positive — so Started Valley on Steam250 secures third place in the category of Steam games with the best reviews. Only portal 2 and terr aria cut even better (source Steam250).

What awaits you in Star dew Valley, you will find out best if you take a look at the original trailer from 2016:

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