Champions League: Brych takes off at the international stage

Germany's top referee Felix Bryce finishes its successful international football career with a last commitment in the Champions League.

The 46-year-old Munich will launch the group match between Real Madrid and Inter Milan on December 7, as evidenced by UEFA's requirements.

Already after the European Championship last summer, the doctoral lawyer had announced his international farewell. Bryce was also in use with the 2014 World Championships in Brazil and 2018 in Russia.

THE REFEREE 2/2 2017 he whistled the Final Juventus Turin against Real Madrid in the Champions League. Since 2004 he whistles in the Bundesliga.

Bryce works at the Bavarian Football Association as a Head of Talent and Referee. For DFB interim president and BFV boss Trainer Koch, he is role model for many impartial.

What Felix Bryce has done with almost constant outstanding performances is absolutely extraordinary, said cook. Especially in other European countries, in Italy, Spain or England, Bryce enjoy an perfect reputation and great reputation, says Koch. Bryce will continue to be active in the Bundesliga after the international farewell.