CSGO: Team Liquid surprises when sending Navi to the loser key

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In the day of December 14, BLAST Premier began its great world final in Copenhagen, Denmark. The last great event of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cited the eight best teams of the year by 1 MDD in prizes with a double elimination format. Among the participants, we find both A NATU Sincere and Team Liquid, which is not at its best.

As we already share, Team Liquid would be in search of a new group of players for 2022. Since before the best of Stockholm, some internal problems arose from a renewal to remedy competitive results. However, although there were not many expectations for his latest commitments, the bluish horse is on a Reich of Upsets against large teams.

NATU Sincere, his first rival at the Final World 2021, conquered the Major de Cs: Go and the Fall Falls of the Circuit BLAST Premier. He did it in a categorical way that put it on the 1st of the HDTV ranking, which translates into one of the powers to defeat for the contest. However, those of Gabriel Fallen Toledo were ready for the challenge of winning Oleksandr S1MPLE COSTLIER at a better three maps.


The first scenario was Overpass, Team Liquid house. Navy knew how to get the advantage to be 2-6 to the front. However, it was not an impossible wall for his opponent: from the hand of Fallen and Jake Stewie2K YIP, contributed to the final score 16-11 in favor of Team Liquid. The S1MPLE did not stay with the arms crossed and responded in Dust by 16-7, sending the day to Inferno.

Team Liquid was solid on the last map, with a Keith NAF Star Markovic who contributed to victory. Navy could not stop the horse trot and fell to the loser key of the competition. Its rival is to be defined, but you must be submitted on December 15 to define whether you can overcome the first day or run out of the final World.

Team Liquid will play against Gambit Esports or Heroic at the semifinal of the Wrench on December 16.