Durant is missing in the Christmas Game - Celtics

More flights canceled on Christmas Day amid Omicron COVID surge

Dennis Schröder go in the Christmas Game in the evening (20.30 clock CET) at Master Milwaukee Bucks the teammates. Schröder's Celtics need to give up at least eight players on the first Christmas Day, which are not operational by the Corona protocol of the league. On Christmas Eve, the Celtics reported five new arrivals on this list — including Center ENDS editor Freedom.

Celtics are among the most severely affected teams of the league weakened by the Omicron wave in the US. Meanwhile, Milwaukee hopes to be able to sit back on Superstar Gianni Antetokounmpo. The most valuable player of the past final series (MVP), which was also damaged by the Corona Protocol of the NBA to watch, is eligible again. Whether antetokounmpo is fit enough for one's use was open on Saturday.

Lakers get Collision from retirement

Due to the Corona failures, the NBA meanwhile shifts the start of the G-League of Farm Teams from 27 December to the 5th of January. The NBA teams are currently filling their squad with replacement players, which they equip them with ten-day contracts — many of them from the G-League. For the Celtics, the former All-Star Joe Johnson (40) has been running, who had no longer played in the NBA since 2018.

The Los Angeles Lakers, whose Arena has not called for Christmas Staples Center, recruited Guard Darren Collision with a short-term contract. The 34-year-old was surprisingly withdrawn in 2019 and should already be used today. Also free Agent Stanley Johnson (Forward) received a ten-day contraction in the crisis Californians, in which according to LeBron James the chemistry is not true.