New time of the game, 'Discover G' and Android Version App released

15 Giant & Powerful People You'd Never Want To Mess With! [Data provided: Korea Game Industry Association]

The Korea Games Industry Association announced that the Android version app of the website 'Discover G', which deals with a different game story with a variety of perspectives, is a new release of the Android version app today (13th).

The 'Discover G' app has been reinforced that is difficult to provide on a regular website. When a new text is registered, alarm can be set in a popup, sound, and vibration. The app searches for free from the Google Play Store and free downloads. The app for iOS is reviewing the app for Android's apps.

With the launch of this app, the Nixon Foundation, Smile Gate Hope Studio, NC Cultural Foundation, Net marble Cultural Foundation, and Cacao Games' social contribution video, Society is provided by the bulletin board. From the way of simplicity listing the various social contribution activities of each company, the congregation of the person who plays the congregation of the person who is running in the actual scene.

President King Shin-cheol, a Korean Game Industry Association, said, After the Opening of Discover G, the story of a new topic is expanding the zone of the game image. I wanted to be able to do it.

'Discover G' is growing on September 20, 20020, and has been growing in a range of 20,000 sheets to provide a variety of games of the game since Opening. As a web zine, art, pre — current, psychology, and the deep game stories and parents of each field, and the parents are continuing to play game information on various platforms that may be enjoyed with their children.