NFT hot air, game market... Will a new leap scaffold

The blockchain is blowing hot air in the gaming industry rough. Blockchain technology as a success story spreading the game with the NFT coin coming out even react they found a land of new opportunity to succeed in the mobile game. Major domestic game also bought subsequently suggested NFT incorporate a coin in the game plan, and this atmosphere has been further heightened.

But not all overlooking the Block Chaining game market in the same line of sight. Game Rating Board has still refused to block a chain Classification games with gambling concerns. The game degenerated liable to group virtual currency in games mining industry also sending mixed concerned gaze that could lead to a qualitative decline in the game.

Block Chaining game success unsettle global game market

Current representative examples of the blockchain technology-based global game market can be divided into three types.

Vietnam four games Sky Sugar attack launched Axial Infinite is a prime example that rocked the blockchain gaming market. The market capitalization of 30 million US dollars level was sky's the beginning of the year have grown numb to scale 29.9 billion US dollars (about 35 trillion won). Global game four of Activision Blizzard ditched, Nintendo, as a block switch, Electronic Arts (EA) after the fifth-largest in size and Zynga and even Ubisoft gap more than doubled.

Axial infinity is in the form of a game to play against opponents, create a more high-grade character by combining them to disconnect the character. Squeeze the deck delayed they have learned and one good game, but played with a simple structure unfolding confrontation noted that the flock can be converted into virtual money on the side point field won the explosive growth.

Axial plane to infinity is combining the NFT coin-collecting RPG-type raised and another blockchain technology sandbox game, more attention has been added to the NFT coin in my concept of real estate games.

Leasing land in a more user-game sandbox and service you've created yourself in this game and can generate revenue. SU blocks similar concept, but it is the difference between the NFT incorporate a coin. It can also generate revenue to staking-game coin utilities on the land it has.

The introduction of the NFT form of casual games Axial unlike Infinite, more sandbox utilizing the platform concept Mir 4 Global Remade version of the game is a coin-NFT plus the typical MMORPG. It features but is characterized by point came after the official called accustomed game acquisition and this item strengthened through the goods and this demand creation along with the PC MMORPG from before 2000, as they have a more complex structure than the previous two games in the configuration surface.

With the advent The obvious success in the global market has subsequently informed the Apostle domestic game NFT coin apply the plan.

NC soft and Notable alongside the third quarter conference call in was before the game in the blockchain and NFT combined planning of next year's Craftsman t too silencers for the clue In order to have a meaningful good content is important to the competitiveness of the game itself, but the NFT said the position that actively review so that trends can be expanded with a new way to play games. Along with Com2uS, cacao Games are also scheduled to proceed with the introduction of the game in the blockchain technology.

Remade should also focus on the NFT coin ecosystem Mir 4 to start. Janghyeonguk Remade representative of the NFT coin-based game emerged in the media conference held at the November G-Star 2021 site and pay Than (P2E) The market spotlight P2E will prevent massive flows can not be for the current market reserve of P2E market mix up balhigido motivation was ambition led to calls.

NFT Game negative attention to... can be reduced to two games means

NFT game has prevailed, but not that good-looking this trend everyone that holds the body in the gaming industry. Concerns about gambling problems still exist and are liable pointed out that the viscosity of the game can be used as a tool for digging a virtual currency.

Mobile game developers' interest in the axial Infinite is what the game is no structure, no interest in that has any system is only one point that emerged games Can earn much in the only game look only games configure 2010s even though the previously released games is a good level, he said.

In addition, The fact that games and money to make a point with a view to interesting and positive, but it will be out from the question Can the game can earn much in the game before any game yinyaneun questions desirable phenomenon in the gaming industry is not, he added.

There is a possibility that degenerated into another developer officials also game tools in the mining market. There is actually a NFT coin related games during namgyeonotgo minimal UI graphics and control elements are composed mainly hold the text excludes game launches in overseas markets. NFT coin the game was concerned with the possibility that it grows only in the name of the element that emphasizes the fun of games lost games to be introduced to the market en masse, according to.

Game Rating Board positions are also concerned about the possibility of this exchange under the gambling games. Current Game Rating Board has refused classification for games coin with the NFT.

Earn 10% Per Day With SpaceShip War - Blockchain NFT games The Game Rating Administration Chairman Kim Kyushu Lee, Sang — Heon November utensil the games, even games without a currency exchange factors, such as NFT based on a blockchain technology can also be rated by current standards, he said.

In response, the gaming industry is a flat response of conscious response that the Game Rating Board has inhibited the blockchain technology in the industry.

A developer official to grades'm a NFT coin is mounted games inevitably yokel and liquidate problem with cryptocurrency naturally know the position to worry about the gambling problem, the game does not have Exchange components, such as NFT is a blockchain technology I do not know that it can be classified itneunjineun that mean, he said.