Pokémon Go: Start of Part 2 of the Xmas Events

ARE *7km EGGS* WORTH HATCHING?! CHRISTMAS EGG HATCH RECOMMENDATIONS - Holiday Part 2 | Pokémon GO The activation of Part 2 of the Holiday Event at Pokémon Go is imminent: the starting signal takes place on December 23 at the usual time at 10 o'clock. You then have the opportunity to participate in the XMAS event by 31 December. This time you can look forward to the debuts of two monsters: both Arctic and Arctics will first appear at Pokémon Go. With a gift, the game world attracts to the holiday event also: During part 2 of the event, you will receive a breeding machine daily if you turn the first poke stop of the day.

In addition, Ni antic has prepared two fixed-term research, where everything revolves around friendship and catching Pokémon. For the conclusion of these research, great surprises and rewards await you. And best of all, you meet both researches a Gala Pastimes, says the developers. A mini event also waits for you. Between the 25th and 26th December, the winter wonderland, where you can swap over a distance of up to 40 kilometers with other coaches. In addition, new field research tasks attract a Christmas Booger as a reward.

Collector challenge brings Galar-Pantimos

Until December 31, in turn, you take part in a collector challenge. Sweets Quite, Snag, Sea pops (optional), Sneered, Gelatin and Pennies (optional) to master the challenge. Did you do that, beckons an encounter with Gala Pastimes ? Also roams the wilderness to meet, for example, a Pikachu with Christmas hat, Quite, Christmas Booger, Christmas Damhirplex and Gelatin. Alola-Vulpix, Frigometri and Arctic are also on the Xmas event.

There is also something going on in the Raid fighting. So you make a level 1 on Pikachu with Christmas hat and Alola-Vulpix, in level 3 on Laps and Christmas Booger as well as in level 5 on System. Mega-Rexblisar is traveling in the Mega Raids. For example, Kinsella, Arctic and Galar-Flampion hatch from the 7-kilometer eggs. Encounters with monsters such as Christmas Sea pops and Christmas Pennies are ready to hold the field research tasks. Happiness also appears a Gala Champion. Until the start, you will still secure the bonuses of Part 1 of the Xmas Events in Pokémon Go.

From David Martin editor 22.12.2021 at 09:33