Starfield lets you cancel any coffee cup and becomes as interactive as Skyrim

Do you belong to the video game fans who want to touch and cancel everything in the game world? Or do you even belong to the delectable persons who like to throw with things around themselves and chaos pins before they devote themselves to the next noble rescue mission? Then there is good news about Star field for you. Developer Todd Howard has expressed itself to the interactivity of the world. We'll tell you more about it.

So interactive becomes the game world of Star field

It's about it: In video games, it is often not just about completing a quest by the other and move to prefabricated paths. Alone the popularity of features like photo modes shows how happy to stay in virtual worlds and just enjoy them.

Interactivity: To succeed too, games need to be interactive — and that's exactly what Todd Howard, Game Director of Star field and Executive Producer at Bethesda, has spoken. In a YouTube video on the official channel of Bethesda Soft works, he explained that the way players interact in the new space RPG with the world — compared to Skyrim and Fallout 4 — but also in common.

Here you can watch the video:

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Credibility: These include features that make the world tangible in the truest sense of the word. Howard explains that it is important for you to touch and take objects like coffee mugs. We already know that from Bethesda's other Open World titles like Skyrim, in which we can simply interact with all things. The developer continues:

These moments make the whole credible. To look at the sunset when the night hours come. Easy to sit and watch the world passes by, is actually no gameplay — but it is crucial for how you feel.

More about Star field:

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Here you can see the E3 trailer to Star field again:

Since Howard makes it clear that his statement does not relate to gameplay elements in the true sense, but it is about the quality of life in Star field, this fact not reveals whether we find materials that we can process. Whether crafting belongs to the game mechanics, we do not know yet. But surely we will be before the release on 11 . November 2022 Learn many details.

Do you belong to the players who want to touch and pick everything in the game world?