The electricity rate of 5.6% next year... Gas fare is 2.3 won per MJ ↑

The electricity rate and gas rate adjustment was confirmed next year. Electricity charges are expected to increase by 5.6% to reflect the rise of international fuel prices, climate and environmental costs. Gas fare is expected to increase the average burden of consumer monthly from May to 2,460 won from May to $2,460, July 1340 won and October 800 won.

Korea's power and Korea Gas Corporation, respective 27, each of the next year's 'standard fuel costs and climate environmental charges' and 'Mine Raw Materials' (regulatory) Adjustment Adjustment Adjustment.

KEPT is a plan that the electricity rate (1 to March) (1 to March) is frozen. However, as of April and October, we share fuel costs in twice with a fuel ratio of 9.8 won / kWh (April / KWH, October 4.9 / kWh).

Electricity rate adjustment is a result of reflecting the increase in international fuel prices and increasing climate and environmental costs to meet the import of cost-linked plans this year.

Climate Environmental Rates decided to apply 2.0 won / kWh raised unit price from April 1.

Electricity rate adjustments are expected to increase by 5.6% of electricity to 2022. The 4-person volume of the house (US 304KWH) is expected to increase the amount of electricity bill between W1950 (304KWH) for the month average of 1,950 won (standard fuel ratio, climate environmental charge).

Gas Corporation will adjust to 2.3 won per Mega Line (MJ) throughout 3 times in 2022, which is applied in May 2022 to April 2022. Currently, from 0 to 02222, 5 to June 1.23 won, July to September 1.90 won, and 2.30 won on October 2.30.

S. Korea to freeze electricity rate for Q1 amid rising consumer prices With city gas rates, the average burden of consumer monthly shall be expected to increase on May 2,460 yen, July 1,340 won and October 800 won.