Xbox Game Pass for PC: Four games will be revealed this week

El HORRIBLE CASO de este ejecutivo de PLAYSTATION ???? Xbox Game Pass Pc ???? The Game Awards 2021 ???? GT7 The Game Awards 2021 take place in a few days and promise a lot of new trailers, revelations and surprises for gamers. The Xbox Game Pass for PC is also available their surprises. Because, a confidential email from Melissa McGamePass, four PC games should be announced with the Game Awards, which will land for the respective launch in the Game Pass for PC. Already for a long time for a day one-launch in the Xbox Game Pass for PC are known: Total was: Warhammer III Red case Stalker: Heart of Chernobyl Atomic Heart Slime Rancher 2 A Plague Tale: Requiem Star field Paparazzi Space World Organ Trading Simulator Replaced Somerville Hidden Chronicle: Rising Scorn