Xbox Game Pass: New Quests KW 51/2021 available

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It Takes Two Weekly Xbox Game Pass Quest Guide - Play the Game The new Xbox Game Pass Quests for the 51st calendar week are available until December 28th. We show you in the overview what to do this week to get up to 80 Microsoft Rewards Points. Xbox Game Pass Quests KW 51/2021 It Takes Two: Starts the game and gets 25 points. Myst: Starts the game and gets 25 points. Individual design: Turns out three successes or plays three different Xbox Game Pass games and gets 10 points. Earn success: Worth a success in an Xbox Game Pass game and gets 10 points. Daily quests: Done this week's four daily Xbox Game Pass Quests and gets 10 points. Completed Xbox Game Pass Quests only need to be submitted to gather more Microsoft Rewards Points and get closer to your monthly destination.