Super Great Products MMORPG Code: Dragon Blood Afrodete appeared in the Dragon Blood and Spirit Box ! Held Hidden Treasures and Friends Pickup Events! Great value benefits full moon path function is finally impleme

Great Products MMORPG Code: Dragon Blood (hereinafter referred to as Dracula) is the latest information of the spirit box, Hidden treasure, which was held early, New content information such as friends and new functions moon path were notified.

Super Great Products MMORPG Code: Dragon Blood (hereinafter referred to as Suburb) is now greatly distributed!

Happy New Year!

Today, we will introduce new content information such as the latest information of spirit box and time treasures and the new function moon path to be re-appeared early. Let's make a wonderful memory in the World of Dora bra this year too!

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Spirit Box at the shopping street! Aphrodite series exterior item appeared!

From January 6, 2002 (Thursday) to the Shopping Street, there is a chance to get the newly appeared Aphrodite series exterior items when you purchase and open the spirit box (10 pieces You can always get a new look when you open it!

In addition, there is also a chance to acquire rare items such as icon, cold look and the story of chat bubble and cherry blossoms. Besides, you will receive items such as Passing and Storage Box of Evolution and Dragon's Sustain Training Pack. Let's get the power that you have received from love and beauty goddess together under the spirit of the spirit!

away to participate Shopping Street → Store → Spirit Box

open time January 6, 2022 (Thu) After Maintenance-February 16, 2022 (Wed)

Held Hidden Treasure ! Reprint costumes and hair decorations are re-appeared for a limited time!

When you purchase and open the Hidden Treasure of Time, with a certain probability, Candle Dream Tears and Lemon Garden Bride Series Clothes and Hair, Icon / Cinema Set You can earn. Furthermore, you can still get a time of time.

In addition, by consuming a certain number of fragments of time, you can exchange hair ornaments, costumes-weapons, fairy tales. At the same time, in the Sale Area, boxes such as Treasure Box Luxurious Time Treasure Box and Treasure Box at Dating appear! Get your favorite costumes and items at this opportunity!

away to participate Shopping Street → Store → Sale Area

open time January 6 (Thu) After Maintenance-February 2 (Wednesday)

That three brother sister re-appeared with birthday celebration!? The Mike's Three Brother Sister Friends Limited for a limited time!

Original, Venusian Woman, Design Riga series of friends are re-appeared after January 6 (Thursday) update. And the time-only geisha extraction rate is also improved! In the first 10 consecutive geisha ★ 5 or more friends can be obtained! Please get this opportunity!

open time January 6, 2022 (Thu) After Maintenance-January 12, 2022 (Wed)

Month Pass feature officially appeared! Let's enjoy Durable life with the luxurious bonus month pass!

A new moon path will be implemented in the shopping street! When you buy a month path, the player will get a bonus daily within a 30-day valid period! Besides, you can also get special benefits. As a benefit, it will increase the number of product display upper limits on the shop's product shelf, and you will be able to receive the world channel's packet bag at once!

In addition, some benefits that allow you to present flower tickets collectively to friends. Please purchase the Month Pass feature and use it in your own drably life!

show to buy Shopping Street → Charge → Month Pass

[Functional mounting time] January 6, 2022 (Thursday) After Maintenance-

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