The 20 best video game trailers of 2021: Amazing cinematic, surprises and great promises

This has undoubtedly been one of the most complex tasks of the year, because 2021 has been loaded with great traits for games that we look forward to. Some, like the For spoken in The Game Awards 2021, combine an epic assembly with an interesting look at its playable approach. Metro id Dread was a surprise at the Nintendo Direct of E3 2021 with a trailer who presented us with his new 2D adventure. It was no less surprising that of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 at the PlayStation Showcase, introducing one of the most expected villains in the Universe of Insomniac Games.

Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy opened their way to blows in a trailer at the rhythm of Kick start My Heart of Motley True. For all this, we can assure you to try to summarize A year of incredible videos In a small selection it has been a real headache and unfortunately, many are going to be out, even so, we wanted to share with you our 20 Favorite Travels, in which in general, we have valued assembly, composition, the originals that have become or how well they have captured the spirit of the game to which they represent, one collection of titles in What highlights of all kinds stand out and among which are some of the most anticipated games of 2022. What have your favorite ones? Do not hesitate to share those who have liked the most.

The Best Game Awards 2021 Trailers

The guardians have had several memorable trailers this year, so it has been especially difficult to decide which one should be here, but finally, we have not been able to resist Bonnie Tyler and his Holding Out for Hero in a trailer that knows how to capture All the essence of the franchise for a video game that understands perfectly what the tone should be for these antiheroes. Dose of action, humor and rhythm in a round video.

The Game Awards 2021 left us a good collection of memorable trailers and without a doubt, that of Dying Light 2 was one of them. Tech land, next to Plate Image, Animation Studio and Visual Effects Winner of the BAFTA, we were surprised with a kinematic trailer who knows how to transmit all the tension to which it will submit us the struggle for survival in the Game, with a great technical invoice and the rhythm of ' where is my mind? '.

Video Kolyma loves to make trailers, we know because he prepares the launch of these as if a new game were treated and because he shares his assembly process, as well as the effort he puts on. The result is impeccable. With a predominance of the soundtrack, as if it were a video clip, Kolyma makes us travel by the staff of Death Stranding while it sounds Goliath of Wood kid with engraved footage from a PS5.

We still remember impacted that close-up of Senna in the trailer of presentation of the game next to the Xbox Series X. But Ninja Theory returned to conquer ourselves with an extensive Gameplay trailer for the last ceremony of The Game Awards where our protagonist faces a Huge enemy where the planes and lighting play in favor of the claustrophobic cave where much of the action is developed.

The master chief only needs a bullet to end an army. That epic is maintained throughout all the trailer launching an infinite halo that has suffered an odyssey to have its expected final and in this video, we see rewarded the wait with a balanced combination between a powerful narrative and an attractive gameplay. A trailer that knows how to capture all the essence of the franchise while situating us before our implacable enemy.

Each new Fora Horizon is a whole event and at the same time a mystery with respect to its setting. There were many rumors who spoke of Mexico for this new delivery, but that was not less shocking its presentation. The trailer knew how to show us a landscape that we would like to explore, passionate driving scenes and their animated soundtrack was a whole invitation for their festival.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League repeat another year with a trailer between the best thing that has been, this time with force x facing the fastest man of the DC universe. Although it seemed impossible to be at the level of his football presentation, they have been able to keep rhythm with a gameplay trailer that serves to show us the characters' skills without sacrificing his funny moral humor.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a before and after in the saga and in many ways, in the industry. That is why, its sequel has become one of the most anticipated games today. It had been two years since we met its existence without more information than a small advance, for that reason, the trailer of the E3 was a whole explosion of emotions. A gameplay that arrived loaded with information and that at the same time feed many questions.

This is the perfect example of a trailer that is capable of supporting an event almost completely. The Summer Game Fest 2021 is for many remembered as The Elder Ring's Trailer Event, and it is not at least, the new Hid eta Miyazaki game is one of the great promises of 2022. In its Gameplay trailer it knew how to show its universe, Its impressive enemies and many of its mechanics, in the greatest possible way.

Studio MDR has already reached Excellence in the artistic design of Cup head, with a visual and sound section inspired by the cartoons of the 30s who have made it an instantaneous classic. But for the trailer of his expensive expansion they were one step further and replied a puppet show from the time. A boast of wit and good taste that results in a trailer as attractive as fun.

The God of War of 2018 has been one of the great games of this past generation and expectation by this sequel was maximum. After a cryptic Teaser, we finally had our GamePlay trailer for the PlayStation Showcase, with Rates and Atreus, making a step to try to stop the Ragnarök. New characters, new enemies and all the spectacularly of the saga are present in the video.

Rural had been introducing us into his world with different videos, but for his launch trailer, they bet by combining the kinematic moments and the voice in off that guides us in his narrative with the intense confrontations that They characterize this shooter-roguelike. A trailer where the mystery and action coexist, with slow moments on relaxed melodies followed by intense frantic scenes.

Trek to Yogi is determined to transport the classic samurai cinema to the video game and its trailer of The Game Awards 2021 is A love letter to Akira Kurosawa that does not leave anyone indifferent. It opens with a duel and a loss, a memory and a tragedy, and then introduces us fully into its vibrant action with a powerful background percussion and a city besieged as a framework.

Star Wars Eclipse was a surprise at these The Game Awards 2021, a wonderful one. The kinematic trailer of Quantico Dream's new adventure left us captivating scenes of a universe as familiar as Star Wars, but with the interest that his external edge region awakens us during the era of high Republic. The show of percussion that directs his soundtrack serves to sow his moments of president action.

Bayonet ta 3 has been one of the projects that has made us wait, for that reason, its trailer of the Nintendo Direct September was so important. But Platinum, far from worrying about the wait, took advantage of the trailer to joke with her. She also played with the possibility that it was a sequel to Astral Chain, showing HAPPY at first, one of the characters of the game. The video is an action festival from the same moment when the witch appears and served to introduce us many of the new playable mechanics.

Death loop has been able to stand out with a personal and at the same time nostalgic style that transports us to spine films of the 70s. In this trailer, Arcane Studios prepared us for its launch with an action scene after another, connected by some elegant transitions and accompanied by a soundtrack and graphic resources that ended up profiling that fun and sophisticated aspect of James Bond Classic.

Blizzard has been marveling with a very high level cinematic and for the E3 trailer of his Remake of Diablo 2, rescued some of these mythical scenes, combining them with an imposing staging for his action, an epic soundtrack and A nostalgic dance between the images of the classic game and the modern ones. A simple trailer but very well raised to attack the heart of those who dreamed of returning to the shrine of sanctuary.

The trailer of presentation of Battlefield 2042 took action at another level. There are many shocking scenes, from the ambush between the containers, until the moment of the tornado, passing through the persecution of helicopter and the battle of the combat fighters, replicating one of the most famous moments of The story of your online. As a curiosity, Motley Crust repeats with Kick start My Heart, although with a very particular version.

Ubisoft came to the new generation by the big door with this spectacular Avatar presentation trailer: Frontiers of Pandora. Ubisoft Massive used the the latest version of the Snowdrop engine to give life to Pandora in a trailer that dazzled us with the beauty of its surroundings, for act remained to an inevitable war between humans and Na'vi, Where a powerful air battles We were finished in love.

We are convinced that the launch trailer of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is capable of exciting both those who have already played the trilogy and those who use this reissue as entrance to the saga. Because All in this assembly is epic, with a soundtrack capable of shrinking our hearts and some of the most legendary scenes that the BioWare Games gave us. The new players will be trapped by their universe and the most veterans will be transported by many of the moments of this precious trailer.


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