LOL: The SLT report, why is the Top Koi being so criticized in Superliga?

Despite starting his season with a great presentation in the double duel against the French Kcorp, Finetwork Koi , the team of Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué , seems to be Having trouble finding a positive streak in Superliga. With four victories and four defeats, the club does not start to start.

Although two of those defeats have been against teams with a positive record as Team Herteits and the intractable FNATIC Team Cheese , the truth is that at the level of sensations, no brilliant play level is perceived by the tents. And, if you look at the popular debate, the criticisms are focusing on the Toplaner Enzo " SLT " Gonzalez. Does the French player deserve all of these reviews?

SLT statistics

KOI vs MAD Lions Highlights - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - SUPERLIGA - JORNADA 3 Although a couple of years ago I commented on this website that "statistics are not important in professional lol (at least without context)", the truth is that SLT are not at all positive. He only has defensible numbers in the Kills and the damage per minute, fruit of ribbeds of the quality of him and the famous game style of him.

Nor is it that it helps you the context here to SLT . Normally the most basic statistics of League of Legends are very influenced by the final result of the departure: in defeats a ball of snow is usually seen that harms them, with the opposite effect on victories. Koi has a balance of 4-4 and with three fast victories like those of the first three games.

The context is also the played role and the champion used. In Team Heraters, Max " SATORIUS " Günther has played 3 Zion, 2 grain, an ornn, a malphite and a karma; That is, 7 tanks and support. The German Toplaner has poor numbers, but because he plays weak side and does not seek to be a protagonist. SLT, on the other hand, has played champions of all kinds, but Picks stand out with potential to create plays like Kennen, Akali, Graves or Gwen. Less reasons to defend SLT.

Visual test: little coordination and mechanical failures

At the end of the matches, and if we subtract the first three victories of a Koi much more rolled thanks to the parties against Kcorp of preseason, the reality is that there are problems that jump in sight; Especially if you look at SLT. The key players of the team such as Rafael " Rafitta " Ayllón, Jørgen " Hatrixx " Elgåen or Luis " Koldo " Pérez have responded to a large part of the expectations created both for its quality and for his roles.

SLT, on the other hand, faces something we can call "Perfect Storm" for a professional League of Legends: Mechanical and communication / positioning failures. Let's say for example the last map, which Koi plays against hertites. SLT part with a wave of advantage with its gwen, and it ends up losing the push by launching a Q-competition, short! in the air. Nor does it manage well the spaces when entering hot areas such as that of the herald separated from their peers without vision and against a grain-night combo, which can start from far away.

The hope of KOI

In that same game, we were able to see very interesting things by SLT. The upper play, although it did not help harvest the victory, it was important within the dynamics of the game . He stayed in the game enough to be relevant when the more water entered the Koi ship, being totally key with the initiation of him.

That is precisely what they need from SLT, a player with past Lec. If resources have the name of Hatrixx and Raffita, SLT has to start being more careful. Perhaps it is not so much the advantage you can achieve in 1VS1, but the disadvantage you can avoid if you expect to be a protagonist until the equipment can take a cable.

If you can continue to be relevant, but without falling into an important disadvantage during the first quarter of an hour, Koi can take a quality jump. Mission: Retrieve SLT.