MLB The show 22 reveals Shoeheho Ohhani as a ported athlete

The most valuable player in the American League, Shohei Ohtani, will be the MLB cover athlete The Show 22. Ohtani is the natural choice to appear on the cover of MLB The Show 22 after the season he had with Los Angeles Angels. He is one of the rare players that beats and throws in the same game, compiling 46 homers, 100 driven races and 26 stolen bases, while also has a 9-2 launch record with an effectiveness of 3.18 and 156 ponches. Now, Ohtani can add a video game cover athlete to the impressive curriculum of it.

i added the *NEW* 99 FINEST SHOHEI OHTANI to the squad.. MLB The Show 22 COVER ATHLETE Xbox also announced the release date of April 5 for MLB The Show 22. Fans will not only be able to buy the game at Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, but the Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also start it on day 1. The standard MLB the Show editions will be launched on April 5 at Xbox ONE ($ 59.99 USD / $ 79.99 CAD) and Xbox Series X | S ($ 69.99 USD / $ 89.99 CAD) with multiplatform capacity. This means that Nintendo fans can play along with the Xbox and PlayStation players online, which is really useful when your group of friends has a different videogame console in which they like to play. Now it does not matter while everyone has access to the game. The only part of the game that will be prohibited for cross progression is the exclusive content for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s.

Your MLB The Show account allows players to pass from one platform to another, while maintaining access to your card inventory. The instructions involve creating an MLB The Show account at and linking your Xbox. The company also recommends that you register at The Scouting Report to stay up-to-date on the latest MLB the Show 22 news. As of April, subscribers also obtain an exclusive package each month.

The new Episodes of the Feature Premieres series that offer news about changes and aggregates at MLB The Show will be available the nerve contraction, YouTube, and Facebook live as the launch of the game approaches more and more. For those who choose to book MLB The Show 22, a Gold Choice Pack comes as an additional bonus.

The standard edition of MLB The Show 22 in Xbox One comes with the game and 5000 Stubs, and Xbox series X | S comes with the game, 10 000 stubs and five of The Show Packs. The presentation of the collector edition will take place on February 2.