New Community contents and features arrive on Skyturns

A few days after his exit, Skyturns crossed the 100k bar of downloads on Android and now offers new contents and features adapted to his growing community. The game is called the "hidden jewel" android games, enjoying a high rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play and, as mentioned, climbs in the number of downloads. Considering the fact that everything started as a project to a man, who has become a team, the success of the game is considered huge, and here is a quick overview:

Developed as a game with high play capacity, creators are particularly focusing on fluidity and control of this title. As the trailer shows, this game offers a gameplay similar to a parkour where players sailing in their character and face the even level, conquering the environment and trying to reach the best possible time in a race. Mastery of the environment and the realization of what the developers called "Flow" will ensure that the character runs at an incredible speed, modifying and improving the experience of this game, which will make it a Very rewarding choice. An error will lose speed to the character.

how to get mushi on icy ways | skyturns(Community level)

In addition, Skyturns is in no way a linear experience and players are free to choose the way that seems to them the best. The levels themselves are not designed as an obstacle course, but rather like a puzzle. However, mastering the game mechanisms and the levels themselves will allow the player to make a path at incredible speeds, thus realizing the desired enriching experience of the game.

Joakim Tall, the man who launched this project, said this to all the future players of his invention:

"We are looking to bring more features to the game, such as Level Creator, rankings and more runners," Joakim said. We want players to create their own levels and share them with the world. "I would also like to point out that we have already published the proofreading sharing functionality and we are working against your own ghost. The two very appreciated features. "

Mr. Joakim also pointed out that the goal was to create a living and prosperous community of players, who like the game and participate in its evolution. Thus, the developers pushed the developers to develop so quickly Skyturns, because they hear well to extend their game in Free-to-Play. Joakim is particularly proud of the fact that his game offers absolute equality to all players, without purchase in the game or exclusive content. The skill and pleasure of the player are at the center of this title, with equality for everyone promised by the developers.