Where to find boss Velka in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has a world boss of the 48th level by name Velkan. After lesion, Velka is reborn every 30 minutes. He is in Toturice in Argentina. He will return to full health if you do not kill it before discharge.

Where is Velka?

Velkan Location Lost Ark Velkan is located on the north side Tortich in Crobelli Galch . This is south of Church of Skportruum and north-west of Wildlife . Casual enemies will attack you if you come to him, because they are close to his rebirth point. No matter how enemies do not fall before Velka, they will always focus on you.

Velka is much easier to win than other world bosses, although it is higher. Velcana has 7,116,832 hit and 23 strips of life. As a rule, you must fight global bosses in groups, but if you have already completed the basic plot lines of the Anikka and the cake, you must be much stronger than the signament when you reach arthenine. With the level above 45 it is easy to kill.

However, one should never underestimate the world boss. Although global bosses in Arsentine are weak, we still recommend to gather with groups for hunting for any world boss.

Despite the fact that Velkan awards are small, the equipment that you get is very impressive. After the victory over Velkoy, you will get an award for the foliary of an adventurers and get your goal. We got a chest with 3 objects of epic equipment, 1 epic accessory, 2 unusual bags for choosing recipes for combat engraving, stamina stone, secret card, Essence of Eternity and Cell Velcana.

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