A Keyboard Pack + Mouse Gamer MSI with less than 40 €

To start in gaming, you need a minimum keyboard and a mouse. Far from overpriced gamers, there are models as well-efficient as they are delighted with young gamers or those who do not want to invest too much in their equipment. At this moment, Topachat offers a keyboard pack + mouse MSI to less than 40 €.

MSI VIGOR GK30 - A Solid Base for Gaming | Gaming Gear | MSI

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To play comfortably, there are two schools: those who prefer the reactivity of the mechanical keyboard and those who prefer the silence of the membrane. Less expensive, the keyboard keyboard models are popular with fans of silence and small price. The keyboard Gaming MSI Vigor GK20 is the perfect example of what a gaming keyboard for beginner. Accessible, it offers aggressive design and sympathetic RGB lighting effects. Some multimedia shortcuts and splash resistance to protect it from accidents prove that MSI is familiar with Gamers . Add to that a anti-moron on the 12 keys ** The most used and you hold a cut keypad to offer good sensations to young gamers.

On the side of the game mouse of the pack, it is a MSI clutch gm08 . This mouse is not the most ambitious with its sensor of 4200 dpi , which is largely sufficient for the vast majority of gamers . It embeds a button to adjust the sensitivity on the fly as well as programmable keys on the slice. Clearly, it is a mouse gaming complete perfect for young players. In addition to all this, the Mulot Gaming MSI allows the user to change the center of gravity or weigh it with a removable weight system .

Topachat offers a coherent set, and especially very accessible for gamers who want to equip while preserving their savings. The fare of the set set at € 59.99 goes to 39,99 € by entering the code " capsule " at the time of purchase.

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