Nintendo Switch Sports: A big gameplay video to present all sports, even those in DLC

Nintendo Switch Sports - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch Now that Kirby and the forgotten world came out, Nintendo can devote himself to his next game to come exclusively about his Nintendo Switch, namely a certain Nintendo Switch Sports, whose release date is always set on April 29. This is the right time for the Kyoto firm to offer a new gameplay video, history of presenting the different sports offered, but also their subtleties. There is to start the volleyball that has all the movements for a furious part, knowing that it is good with the Motion Gaming that everything is realized: pass, smash and catching up, everything is done with the movements of the wrist. Same thing for badminton, sport that never had its video game so far and the error will be rectified with Nintendo Switch Sports. The bowling will return, which was so popular in Wii Sports, with the possibility of performing small ball effects. Same thing for tennis that comes back for the greatest pleasure of players. Otherwise, other novelties, we can count on football and Chambara or Spochan, which is a combat sport with equal or different weapons. The video also allows you to have an overview on the customization of its avatars and tease the arrival of extra sports after the game exit, like golf.

The release of Nintendo Sports is expected for April 29th.