[PWS] Guangdong Prix, Win 6 killed with stable operations ... Championship Competition

Guangdong Prix

Guangdong Prix was picked up chicken in the ninth match of the Weekly Final 3-night.

567 killed at bike ride racing ???? 20th Battle Ground East Asian Regional Integrated Isphoton (2022 Pub] Weekly Series: Phase 1 (hereinafter referred to as PWS Phase 1) was held.

This Weekly Final 3 parking has entered 16 teams of each region that competed in Weekly Survival. Domestic ▲ ATIII ▲ Marugamiming ▲ Guangdong Prix ▲ Veronica 7 ▲ Giel Isphos ▲ Dana and Isphos ▲ Eight teams ▲ OPPO ▲ 8 teams, Taiwan, ▲ Over the Over-Side Circle, including the four teams, Japan, the Donuts USG ▲ Enter force 36 ▲ Las Carl Jersey ▲ 4 teams included.

The ninth match magnetic field was caught by the Eranel gore. Taiwan 솨 솨 뛔 and Japan Pennel have overlapped the landmark with the Pochilky. The 솨 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 기 기 기 뛔 뛔 뛔 뛔 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨 솨)

The Giel Ispotz was a neatly summary by surrounding the Japanese Las Calcer in the seaweed.

Maru Gaying was eliminated from the power of ATIII, and Veronica 7 was killed by the Giel Ispos and Taiwan, and the situation in the Global Isphos Fighting EXPORT.

On the outskirts of the five-phase magnetic field, Dana and Isphrots were in crisis while "Seoul" was stunned to Aiii Ai, but it quickly swelled all the use of the bold play with the vehicle quickly.

Dana and Isphrots were in the ENGEL ISPORTS and Embossed Embossed Essentials, whereas their high concentration, with high concentration, and earned time.

TOP4 left Guangdong Prix, Office Sports, Gieliel Isphos, Dana and Isphorrent.

As the Giel passed away from the magnetic field east, he passed Dana and the ospographic, but afterwards, he won the process of attaching it to the office, and he won the opinion, and he won the opinion, and obtained the ophthalmic chicken. At this match, Guangdong Prix quickly fits out the score with Dana and Isphos.