"Strike V" Operation The festive fake is a feast adjustment! Some people remember the legendary "Omega Edition"

Released in February 2016 and fascinated the game fan " Street Fighter V ". Six years have already been released from the release, and last year's last additional character "Luke" participated.

After that, the production of " Street Fighter 6 " has been announced, and "strike V" has a lot of players that you want to balance with a large adjustment held on March 29 it might be.

However, March 18, 2022, a promotional video dropped by the Street Fighter Official Twitter Betrayed such a player's expectation in a good sense. That's because it was a very different scene that always plays "strike V".

# ■ Combo picking up down condition! ? Cooperation I have never seen

A video will start, and various combo unfolded one after another. But all of them were a combo that I have never seen, a derivative I had never seen, and a skill that I had never seen.

Is it easy to understand? V If you think that Rose throws the opponent while triggered, you will chase with squatting small kick and shift to the combo.

As a premise, "strike V" does not usually carry out the chase after throwing it. As an exception, collaboration using Yurian's "Aigith reflector" is famous, but vice versa there will be no opportunity to see it.

But Rose is now on the V Trigger 2 "Soul Illusion" when activating V Trigger 2 "Seoul Illusion", and the attack of the separately has been hit by the downturn. So far, it was a trigger that has a big return to the other party who was deceived "even if it is very cheap and tailored", but it became possible to compete firmly.

And the Menado showed me the "Seoul Spark" EX version that exploits the installed crystal. If it is originally ruptured, the crystal that should come back to the house will stay in the fly, and we will handle the other party with a Menado's own attack and a quartz rupture by Seoul Spark.

Speaking of adjustment of the fighting game, the better the balance of the skills increases or decreases as a few seconds for a few seconds, the better the balance adjustment is delicate. That's why the new technique added in the final season. This is no longer a dramatic update.

# ■ New technique is also a "strong character" such as Yurian and Vega!

The surprising was that new movement has been added to Yurian and Vega, which are said to be "strong characters". Generally, in balance adjustment of fighting games, the performance of too strong character tends to be suppressed, and Yurian and Vega were expected to weaken. However, it is clear that such them have new fights! The shock was stirred the player's heart.

However, if a concrete adjustment content is announced on March 28, Vega is partly worse the situation after weak double knee press, and Yurian is deleted with EX Dangerous Headbad's completely unbelievable And the weak body that was expected was also d1. Nevertheless, the possibility of new movements is leading to motivation.

There are all 45 attractive fighters in "strike V". While all of them are listed here, the content of the adjustment is not likely to simply nauly the upper character, and it is possible to make a balance to all characters and make balance I feel the intention.

# ■ Omega Edition again!?

When the promotional video of the adjustment content is published for the first time on March 18, the impressions from some players have also flowed from "Omega Edition Rethnae" .

Omega Edition is a new mode added to Ultra Street Fighter IV. In addition to the system changes, "Ken releases wave fists from the foot" and "Blankica dive and attack the ground" was conducted.

Omega Edition really has changed the game, but it can not be used in rank matches and official meetings, and it is memorable that it was not in the "Festival mode" atmosphere.

This update also applies to the official tournament in "strike V", so it may be too exagguous to call it Omega Edition. However, there are many voices that welcome the attitude that tries to entertain users with a bold change involved in the seventh year of operation.

I would like to wait for a little anxiety and a great expectation, and I would like to wait for March 29 where the update is d1. People who were not playing recently, as well as the current player, and by all means, let's exchange rivals and fists at this opportunity.