This Chun-Li Cosplayer will sweeten the waiting time on the new Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter is one of the most popular Fighting Game Rows at all. Only recently received Street Fighter 5 with Luke's last DLC character, and CapCom staggered with the announcement of the sincere anticipated Street Fighter 6 Fighting Game fans in ecstasy. Probably not least through the extremely detailed toes, the ryus feet adorn.

Cosplay to Chun-Li is just as imposing as dangerous

Street Fighter V CE Poison vs Chun Li PC Mod

The Street Fighter series has a crew of extremely many, very various figures. Of course, that makes the universe perfect for the Cosplay community, which always enchants us with breathtaking costumes to your favorite characters.

So also the Reddit user "Suncosplay," which assigned their cosplay to the popular figure Chun-Li , among other things, in the dedicated Cosplay subbreddit. According to its own statements, she designed her costume itself and sewn, which the cosplayer probably cost a few months. Pictures of your work process can be found on the Instagram channel of the Cosplayer, as well as some other cosplays to known figures.

Other cosplays from the video game world

With its numerous different universes full of interesting characters, the video game world is the perfect location for motifs for various cosplayers from around the world. For example, many cosplays to Ellie delighted us from The Last of US Part 2 , but also Aloy from the Horizon series * is always welcome guest. Even the recently published * Elden Ring already brought us some imposing cosplays, including Ranni.

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