Blockchain and NFTs in Eve Online? CEO of CCP Games with clear announcement

Eve Online is not only one of the service elevators, still active online role-playing games on the market, it has always been for the promise of a players guided and shaped universities. It is certainly the fact that in the past there were some speculation about the introduction of blockchain technologies and NFTs in Eve Online.

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EVE Online - CCP Discuss NFT and Blockchain Use

CCP CEO with clear announcement

On the official website of Eve Online, Hilmar Vigar Pétursson, his character CEO at CCP Games, has reported to speak with a clear statement. The goal of the developer is that the EVE universe survives us all. "Eve Forever" calls "Hellmar". This also includes exploring the CEO, new technologies and opportunities.

Therefore, the development of blockchains and crypto currencies in CCP Games has also been pursued with great interest. Yes, the technology has a lot of potential, so pétursson. But there is still a lot of work necessary until this tech is ready for games with the size of EVE. In short: There are no plans for CCP Games, the global tranquility servers in the foreseeable future to expand the blockchain technology. NFT is not in the EVE cosmos for non-funky tokens, but for "Not for Tranquility".

But Pétursson also explains that with the EVE-IP, the boundaries of digital economy and virtual worlds would like to postp1. However, these research and experiments are, as emphasized above, take place outside the EVE online server. What do you think? Betray us in the comments!

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