Final Fantasy 6: 10.000 Euro teure Final-Fantasy

Small car or action figure - you have to decide.

Final Fantasy 6 Lore ► Terra Branford's Origins Explained (Birth to Heroine) Square Enix soon offers a statue of Terra Branford from Final Fantasy 6 (from 1799.90 € buy), which costs over 10,000 euros and is limited to 600 pieces.

In the nearly five-minute video below, Square Enix shows its latest creation for the so-called master line: a spectacular modeled action figure from Terra Branford, which perched on a Magitek mech. Cost of: 1.485,000 yen, these are approximately 11,000 euros.

The expensive goodie will be available on July 28, 2023 and limited to 600 copies worldwide. In the Japanese Square-Enix Store the presale has already started, but there are only 150 of the 600 pieces available.