Hunting is open on EVE Online

EVE Online: MTU Hunting Guide Among the events regularly offered on Eve Online , that of the hunting is an opportunity to scan the space to track mysterious capsules. The directional scanner makes it possible to sweep the celestial bodies for an egg hunt at the galaxy scale. These capsules contain the keys to enter combat and guristas data dedicated for this animation.

Guristas hunting forwards can be discovered anywhere and are combat sites adapted to the frigates and destroyers Tech I, Tech II or faction. Combat sites have a boss bringing additional rewards. The Venal Region or the Caldari Low Security Space feature the more difficult, more difficult, but also a new site adapted to the Capital Vessels. Rarer, gold capsules contain data to be exchanged directly to the empires. The agency proposes in parallel a course of rewards providing intermediate objectives.

The hunting period also introduces a subtlety in terms of play mechanics, because the capsules of the players have the opportunity during this event to deliver some of their implants if they explode. Some frequented systems - like Abhbazon - then become even more dangerous, but also a resurgence of suicide attacks in Empire to check if the capsules have surprises to reveal.