Battlefield 2042: EA definitely wants to save the battered game

Battlefield 2042 for EA did not meet the expectations, but the publisher does not want to give up the shooter from dice . CEO Andrew Wilson has now announced to investors that the franchise and the current title will continue to play an important role for the future of Electronic Arts. However, one would like to tackle a new approach to the development .

new content for Battlefield 2042 on the way

Among other things, Andrew Wilson spoke about the new occupation of Vince Zampella , who will take care of the Battlefield brand at EA in the future. Despite the setback, one would now like to plan "in the long run" with the franchise at the publisher. And that also includes steering the current part back into the right track. As soon as the course for Battlefield 2042 is right, new content for the shooter should follow.

that says Andrew Wilson about Battlefield 2042

_ "[DICE] has already done thousands of updates for the community, worked on the quality-of-life to get the core of the game. I think there is still something to do and the team is ready to work for this work To do the community - and as soon as we feel that we are correct with the core of the game, you can expect further investments that will continue to bring the game beyond the current stand. "_

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Start of Season 1 only in the summer of 2022

Battlefield 2042 players are still waiting for the official start of Season 1 of the shooter. Because of the problematic start, DICE postponed the appointment to summer 2022. Instead of a new content, the time was used to take care of the feedback from the community and publish updates. Soon there will be new specialists, maps and many other things within the Seasons.

Source: Eurogamer

By Dominik Zwingmann

EA on The Future of Battlefield + Support for Battlefield 2042 going forward author May 12, 2022 at 4:55 p.m.