[Soon Jeongnam] Adults are me! 'Luxury' gaming device for self -gift TOP 5

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May 5, Children's Day. If you think about it, the period for receiving gifts on Children's Day is only 10 to 15 years. Those who have already become adults should be in the position of 'giving gifts' for the rest of their lives. That's why many people enjoy 'adult day' on May 5th. He gives himself a self -gift and tastes a mood.

If you are a gamer who reads this article, let's have a high quality gaming goods like adults. Points are the same luxury, such as recommending a 8 million won 'cost -effective' watch for freshmen, or compromising 'Reality', which is 90 million won in a car that suits first graduates. Game mecca is also likely to recommend luxurious products. Of course, don't be burdened because there's a compromise with one more thing!

A 16 Year Old Killer's Video Diary | Documentary TOP 5. High -quality Puban 6 figures to decorate the gaming room **

Figures are one of the interior items suitable for decorating gaming rooms. Especially if you're a favorite game figure, it's a good idea to put it in a room. And here is one figure for Pafan fans. Tina Brandford Kamma, the main character of Final Fantasy 6, is also on the armor, with a size of 78x58x66cm and a weight of 34kg.

Looking at the face of the figure, the word 'luxury' comes out. The character molding as well as the scratches of the Mado Armor are elaborately described, and the materials such as cloth, metal, and vinyl sofas are perfect. Amano Yoshitaka, a Papan series illustrator, was designed to be designed. The price of the Square Enix Master Line Fantasy VI 1/6 Scale is a reasonable 1485,000 yen and a Hanwha about 14.41 million won. Well? Is it too expensive? So let's agree with a clear file (370 yen) with roughly similar pictures.

TOP 4. It is a true flex, custom water cooling PC

Since an adult has greeted the day, let's change the PC in a long time and change the PC. We recommend a high -end PC with four RTX 3090s and built -in custom water cooling kits. As a PC made for deep learning, all PC games that exist in the present generation are the best ops and boast the remaining specification flex. Thanks to the internal LED lighting, the interior effect is a cyberpunk just by just turning on.

The amazing custom PC is priced at 3,086 million won. You may think that it's a product to use as a gaming PC, but the PC is not old after a year or two? At this point, you will be able to use it as a high -end for more than 10 years, so it's convincing to think that you change 5 million won every two years. Most of all, pride to play games with deep learning ultra -high -end PCs can't live with money! Well? Is it too expensive? So let's agree with a gaming laptop (more than 2.2 million won) equipped with the 12th generation H-series of Intel Core announced by CES earlier this year and the RTX 3070. Is this too expensive? Then tell the computer at home to love.

TOP 3. Game as a professional monitor! Apple Pro Display

My monitor seems to have a low resolution for some reason, I don't like the common monitor brand, the monitor lacks emotion... If you feel that way, there is a recommended product. Display wide monitor from Apple, Apple Pro Display XDR NANO-TEXTURE Glass.

Product features show that the first 32 -inch RETITINA 6K display, up to 1600 knit brightness, 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio, ultra -light viewing angle, and more than 1 billion colors represented by excellent accuracy, dynamic range that will transform to professional workflow... It is introduced as 'the world's best professional display'. If you play a game with this equipment, it's the essence of Flex. Everyone will envy. The price is 7.9 million won for the monitor and the stand is about 1.91 million won. Well? Is it too expensive? Then buy a monitor liquid crystal cleaner that can be purchased for less than 10,000 won and carefully wipe the monitor at home.

TOP 2. Gaming Chair, IWR1 Imperator Works

Do you have a pain in the game? It is time for adults to pay attention to spine health. A good chair is essential to enjoy the game healthy and comfortably. However, it doesn't seem to be fashionable to put something like an executive chair. Is there a gamer and a nice chair?

Introducing a luxurious gaming chair for them. IWR1 Impurator Works chair made by Unbox Therapy, with a triple monitor hanging on a fixed table on a chair theme and a water -cooled high -performance PC. From the steel series headsets, mechanical keyboards, and built -in mice... All of this is available for $ 30,000. Well? Is it too expensive? So let's agree with Pikachu Cushion (25,000 won), which helps you sit in a similar position.

TOP 1. I feel like my house becomes a game room! VR haptic chair box

If you have a VR device, why not buy an adult who can enjoy VR games more realistically? What if you can feel cornering, vibration, and acceleration with a motorcycle device that looks like a game room? If you sit in a racing car and feel the actual driving sensation with your skin? Indeed, the world of 'Ready Player One' is unfolding before your eyes.

The above VR -sensitive device is about $ 8,800 and about 11.114 million won in the middle of the International FUNINVR product. Assuming it's about 5,000 won for a short VR game in the game room, it is enough to collect 2,000 play charges. Isn't this VR at home to be a true VR gamer? Well? Is it too expensive? Then prepare a sturdy iron chair and bring a friend to shake from the side. Friends are different depending on the person, so you can't get the amount.