The Last of Us on the Unreal Engine 5 engine looks amazing

Entube channel enthusiasts ENFANT TERRIBLE decided not to wait for the official announcement of the adventure game The Last of US from the Naughty Dog studio. The authors took the matter into their own hands and showed the whole world how the game will look on the new Unreal Engine 5 game engine.

Imagining The Last of Us REMAKE | Unreal Engine 5 HD 4K 2022

In the work of Enfant Terrible used assets, which were created by ScientideSign Model, widely known in narrow circles. In addition, 3D models from the Quixel database were taken into the work. The result shown looks just gorgeous, and we really hope that the official remake, the exit of which, according to the rumors, should take place by the end of the year, will look no worse.

Otherwise, what is the meaning of it?