Diablo Immortal: Tips & Tricks for Action

In our tips guide to Diablo Immortal you can find out:

  • How you link your account
  • What options you should activate
  • What you have to pay attention to in the first levels

The Mobile branch of the Diablo series at the beginning showered with a lot of systems and tasks. So that you do not lose the overview, we will tell you in our entry-level guide to Diablo Immortal, what you have to pay attention to at the beginning.

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links your account for cross-platform progress

The first thing you should do after the start of Diablo Immortal: Link the game with your battle.net account to benefit from cross progression . You bind your progress to this and can continue playing on both the PC and the cell ph1. So if you play on the bus and have to close Diablo Immortal, you can log in to the PC later and continue at the point where you stopped.

To do this, tap on your automatically created guest account in the start screen. An input field opens in which you can log in to the battle.net or register a new account with your account data. Alternatively, you open the options in the game-you can register with your battle.net account under the account.

Comfort functions for your trip through Sanktuario

If you play on your cell phone, we recommend that you go through the control in the options and adapt it to your preferences. This makes Diablo Immortal from your hand.

If you don't like the operation by touch, you can also play the hack & slay with controller **. This works both on the cell phone and on the PC. We will tell you in the linked guide how you connect an Xbox controller to your smartphone or tablet.

Also activates the setting Automatic Collection for all types of objects . So you don't have to constantly type around on the screen when the opponents drop a lot of loot again. This increases the game flow immensely. But remember to look at your inventory regularly and to sort out.

tips on the campaign and for leveling

In the beginning, Diablo Immortal throws you directly into the campaign. Play this completely, so that you unlock all the features of Diablo Immortal . However, since the story and the side quests do not give you enough experience points to achieve maximum level 60, you will have to switch to other XP sources at the end.

Later you level over the oldest portals, head money or daily quests. Also, do not forget to watch the free Battle Pass in the code in . There you get tasks that give you additional experience points and scale that with your level.

On your way through the story you will encounter various small events that give you experience points, equipment and materials. These events appear in all areas-take them with you and secure additional experience and equipment.

Tip: Save long walking paths through teleportation. As soon as you have activated a teleportation point in an area by having to solve a quest, you can simply click on the quest and will automatically transport it into the appropriate area.

Which classes offers Diablo Immortal and can I change them?

In Diablo Immortal you can choose between six different classes :

  • Barbar (close combat)
  • Monk (melee)
  • Crusader (close combat)
  • Demon hunters (ranged)

Diablo * Wizard (ranged) * Toten summoner (summoning)

However, your choice is not defined forever, because you can change your class later . You keep all your progress that you have collected with this character. However, the feature will only be activated at a later date after the launch.

A server with your character is not possible . If you want to play with your friends, talk yourself beforehand.

equipment and upgrading

As in every diablo, you will also get tons of tons of weapons, armor and gold in Immortal. So that you can plow through your opponents as easily as possible, look regularly in your inventory and equip the best equipment parts -to recognize the small green arrow. You can then upgrade your favorite pieces and thus increase their basic attributes.

To level up your equipment, you have to drop by the blacksmith in the city. If you have collected enough material and gold, you can select an object in the upgrade menu and level it up. You get the materials from the recycling of objects .

If you have to exchange upgraded equipment, you can transfer their level to the new object . So you don't lose any progress if you change an equipment part.

grab your daily rewards

For the first monster that you turn around a day, you get a reward in Diablo Immortal. These rewards can be equipment or gemstones and get better the more you log in and kill an opponent.

On the seventh day you even get a legendary object . More guides about Diablo on Diablo series: * Diablo-3-Builds: The best skills for Season 26 * Diablo 2: Resurrected-How to get all the trophies * Diablo 4: All information about gameplay, classes & release Visit us on facebook and Instagram and discusses your favorite games with us.