Daewon Media, Neowiz 'Cat and Soup' IP Utilization Product

On the 13th, Neowiz announced that it had signed a license agreement with Daewon Media for the IP of the mobile game ‘Cat and Soup’. Daewon Media will conduct business such as planning, manufacturing, and distribution of cat and soup-related products exclusively for the next three years.


Through this contract, the two companies plan to promote the development of various products such as living, kitchenware, figurines, and fashion accessories using the 'cat and soup' IP. Daewon Media plans to introduce its 'Cat and Soup' IP in earnest not only in Korea but also in the global market, including China, as it has established a business foundation at home and abroad, including content business, distribution, and publishing, and has high competitiveness.

Neowiz plans to actively diversify its IP business and grow 'Cat and Soup' into a global IP as there has been continuous demand for commercialization of 'Cat and Soup' from game users around the world.

A Neowiz official said, As the competitiveness of cats and soup art has already been verified in the global market, we expect that interest in products to be launched will be very high. We will also contribute to increasing sales.