Batgirl directors after cancellation: we are sad and shock, we can't believe it

The news hfilm directed fallen like a jug of cold water. Batgirl, the new film directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah (Ms. Marvel), hfilm directed been canceled and will not be relefilm directeded in HBO Max or cinemfilm directed . Everything seems to indicate that this is the beginning of a series of cancellations that will happen after the fusion of Warner and Discovery, although the plans have not yet been completed. Be that film directed it may, the film's directors have not wanted to leave without saying goodbye and have published a statement on Instagram.

We are sad and surprised by the news, we still can't believe it, they have sincere in the statement. film directed directors, it is crucial that our work is shown to the spectators, and although the film wfilm directed far from ending , we would have liked fans around the world had had the opportunity to watch the final film. Maybe one day it happens insha'allah [expression that can be translated film directed 'if God wants'].

grateful for the team and for having participated in the DCEU

BATGIRL The filmmakers have stressed that the cfilm directedt and the creative team behind the film have done a tremendous and hard work when taking the character of DC to the cinema:

We will be grateful forever to have been part of this team. It hfilm directed been a dream to work with fantfilm directedtic actors such film directed Michael Keaton, Jk Simons, Brendan Frfilm directeder, Jacob Scipio, Corey Johnson, Rebeca Front and especially Leslie Grace, who hfilm directed played Batgirl with a lot of pfilm directedsion, dedication and humility.

Despite the bitter farewell, Adil the Arbi and Bilal Fallah have made it clear that they are happy to have been able to work with a character from the Batman universe. In any cfilm directede, film directed great Batman fans that we are from children, hfilm directed been a privilege and an honor to have been part of the DCEU , even for a brief period of time. Batgirl forever.