Pokémon GO: 5 things that you need to absolutely do prior to the go celebration final

That can get involved? As already for the worldwide GO firm in June, all trains can take component in this event again worldwide. It additionally applies to this time that you can only make use of all the content of the GO with a valid event ticket.

When does the event run? The final event for the Go Fest 2022 work on Saturday, August 27, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

1. Produces area for brand-new Pokémon


If you wish to utilize the event to the maximum as well as play all day, you need to contend least 600 balls readily available for the beginning. With these you can bet a while and also you can get a kicked back supplement.

If you desire to arrange out even more Pokémon throughout the event, after that we advise the additional filter Alter0. This just shows you monsters that are not older than 24-hour. If you now integrate it with the access of the toughness, as an example 0 *, then you can make area in your Poké bag with just a few clicks.

Incidentally: If you want to dirt off additional sugary foods when sending out the Pokémon, you need to fast. For the spotlight hour with Nidoran (man) on August 23, you will certainly get a candy benefit for sending Pokémon.

For instructors without a ticket, there will consequently just be slimmed-down generates and perks. Right here we have summarized the benefits of the event with as well as without a ticket.

Throughout the final event, naturally, a great deal of wild generate and also fascinating raid employers await you. For this factor, you should additionally be adequately as well as over all furnished with the ideal things. So we advise that you purchase an equivalent supply of the subsequent items.

Regardless of whether you purchase a ticket or not, you ought to use the time to the event efficiently to prepare yourself as necessary. That the last comes to be a full success for you, we have summed up 5 essential ideas below.

2. Accumulate materials

It is best to use the tag and filter features in the video game to sort. With the input 0 , 1 , 2 * you obtain all the monsters that only have an optimum of 2 celebrities.

So that you can additionally catch the Pokémon that spawn that day, you should already arrange out your Pokémon storage space strongly. For instructors who intend to play all the time, we recommend making room for a minimum of 500 beasts.

** On Saturday, August 27, 2022, Inpokémon Go will take location the huge final event for the Go Fest 2022. We at MeinMMO will certainly therefore give you 5 essential ideas on what you need to have made for the event.

One of the most essential items throughout the GO festival are certainly balls. If you go out, you can no longer capture monsters as well as have to purchase supplies. Therefore, you ought to utilize the moment until the beginning and already develop a corresponding supply.

The super and also hyperballs in particular can be handy when playing, since Pokémon with high WP remains much better below. It is best to place an unique emphasis on this. You can learn which courses you can enter Pokémon Go Rounds in our post:

With the assistance of the regular sana berries, you can also secure dual sweets when catching the beast. This is particularly beneficial for Pokémon, who do not fulfill her beyond this event as typically, however they have a strong additional development, such as Milza.

That one or the various other monster can be much better caught, you can additionally utilize a couple of divine berries and nanabberries.

Along with balls, various berries will certainly additionally be necessary during the event. Specifically those that take component in Raids need to have enough gold heavenly and also silver sana berries ready.


RAID keys, liver & drinking

RAID keys: As you already understand from the Go Feast in June, there will certainly additionally be one or the various other coveted RAID employer at the final event. Along with a new chance of Shiny-Milza, the ultrabesties of Schabelle, Masskito and also Voltriant will be offered for all players for the very first time.

FULL You must certainly have enough raid passes if you do not want to miss your opportunity of this. Trainers who got an event ticket also obtain 9 free raid hands down now by turning the image plate from sectors.

Belber & Tränke: Additionally important for participation in Raids, is an enough variety of drinkers and boners. It is best to utilize leading liver as well as top beverages, so the most effective attackers in Pokémon Go are constantly all set for the following battle with simply a couple of clicks.

Rauch & reproducing makers

In order to catch as several Pokémon as possible that day and hence additionally raise your possibilities of one or the various other Shiny, you need to definitely go outside. The motion likewise generate extra monsters from your smoke.

Likewise handle their kind performance, i.e. the respective toughness as well as weak points, so that you can utilize the most effective counterattacks in battle.

Numerous raids occur in Pokémon Go during the final event. In the various environments, the ultrabesties SIBELLE, MASSKITO, VOLTRIANT as well as Anego will face you in the Level 5 Raids.

What ideas do you need to get ready for the final event from the GO strongly? Are you already all set to go? Like to write us your viewpoint here on meinmmo in the comments as well as exchange ideas with various other trainers.

Rauch: Athletes that have an event ticket can benefit from the smoke throughout the whole event of special generates.

On Saturday, August 27, 2022, Inpokémon Go will certainly take location the large final event for the Go Fest 2022. The final event for the Go Feast 2022 runs on Saturday, August 27, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Rauch: Athletes that have an event ticket can profit from the smoke throughout the entire event of exclusive spawns. This additionally lasts 2 hours in the event period.

Yet other intriguing monsters such as Milza, Wuffels, Relaxo or BrutaLanda are additionally waiting for you in the arenas. That you do not obtain frustrated later on because you have neglected one of the employers, you need to currently consider which monsters you would certainly such as to have in advance.

4. Plant your route

On Saturday, the trainers can fulfill a costumed pikachu, but the players are depressing due to the fact that they yearned for a various outfit for the Go event. We show you which one is.

Unlike the degree 4 raids during the Neighborhood Days, you can also play distant to the Go Event or invite buddies from other regions to your raids.

Furthermore, you shouldn't neglect food and also drinks. You do not have to squander the useful event time to get something on website. In warm weather, it is also essential to apply sunlight defense as well as at finest to secure you from the sunlight on the move.

Breeding equipments: Another bonus, from which only ticket holders can profit, is a reduced sliding range. This bonus offer is especially beneficial for eggs with a high variety, such as the 10 or 12 km eggs. If you still have some of it, you must additionally have one or the other breeding equipment prepared.

5. Think of innovation as well as dishes

You should likewise assume about the proper equipment if you will be out all day to catch Pokémon vigilantly. Along with a totally billed mobile phone, you must absolutely take a power bank with you so that you can pack your cell phone on the move.

3. Arrange your common raids

It is especially advisable to depend on the super brood equipments. With these you reduce the sliding range again. We will certainly show you which monsters are currently in the eggs here.

Who can that? As already for the global GO company in June, all trainers can take component in this event once again worldwide. It likewise uses to this time that you can only use all the content of the GO with a legitimate event ticket.

Currently believe regarding where you want to invest the day and which course appropriates for playing. Keep in mind that it makes feeling if there are enough Pokéstops as well as sectors. These not just bring you much more generates, however below you can likewise fill out your materials as well as lastly defeat the raid managers. Additionally chat to your pals best.

Agree to typical raids with your friends, because after that the heavy raids are particularly much easier and also faster. If you take on site, anybody that has an event ticket can additionally profit from an additional EP benefit.