What is an overseas net memory THE BACKROOMS? Compare the atmosphere of lobby in the eerie room search horror game being distributed on Steam [Special]

The Backrooms is a net memory THE BACKROOMS that has attracted strange attention on SNS and video sites. This word, which is often spoken along with images in a room with a sense of obstruction, has been deprived of many internet users, and the unique urban legend is still spinning.

The movement is also strong in the game industry. Rather, it may be more influenced by other media. After all, there are many games with the motif of The backrooms on Steam, and the strange space-a work that walks in a place described as Liminal Space is reached at hand. That's it...

This time, while explaining such THE BACKROOMS, we introduce games inspired by the same work. Image of a room, generally Level 0: Pick up The Backrooms Game distributed on Steam distributed in ** Steam. increase.

THE BACKROOMS-One image posted on an anonymous bulletin board overseas is the netmome

By Unknown-, CC by-Sa 3.0, Link

The starting point of THE BACKROOMS was the image posted on the anonymous bulletin board 4ch overseas in 2019. This is a photo attached to the thread that collects disturbing images.

As you can see, it is an image of a room with only the overall yellowish, and there is only an invisible passage in the back. Do you feel the eerie that you can't say from the strangely inclined composition and the atmosphere that you can't feel the signs of people? And among those who were fascinated by this photo, creations with this photo as motifs began to be born.

Some people create a creepy image in the same way, and one writes a horror story with this motif. I showed you.

It was an up-and-coming video writer who caused a major movement in The backrooms!

On January 7, 2022, when THE BACKROOMS gained a certain position as a Mome, a single short video appeared on YouTube. That is THE BACKROOMS (Found Footage).

This is the content of a mocumentary style, where the photographer who was playing with a friend suddenly get lost in The backrooms. The rooms that look exactly like the image are cleverly produced in light and dark and various objects created in various places in the room. The disturbance of THE BACKROOMS was brilliantly expressed.

It is a short movie of about 9 minutes, but the popularity exploded at the same time as the post. Currently, the number of playbacks of over 36 million is recorded. By the way, Kane Pixels, who filmed this video, was only 16 years old at the time of shooting. It's a tremendous talent...!

The world of The backoms that continues to spread

In this way, THE BACKROOMS is well known. It attracts more people. Due to the share world, there seems to be no strict rules, but the basic settings are shared in many works, which can be called promises.

The room in the image that has begun the Mome is called The Lobby, and it is specified as a place like a so-called entrance, which is often visited by people who are lost in Backrooms. And if you fall from the hole in the level or go up the stairs, you can move to another level.

Every level has various features, and some places lead to the real world, The Frontrooms. However, most places seem to be a disturbing space like The Lobby.

About the resident entity and class of BACKROOMS

But don't worry. Backrooms is not just a lost person. This backrooms has a resident called entity. They are a wide variety of variety, but they are basically hostile to humans, and it is better to escape immediately if they encounter them. ** Please forgive me.

For the time being, it seems that there are friendly entities, but the majority can be said to be dangerous. And the existence of these entities is also involved in the class that represents the danger of the hierarchy.

Class is set from the safest class 1 to the most dangerous class 5, and after class 2, it is not safe or risk of life. By the way, the THE LOBBY class occasionally has an entity, so the danger is class 1. Conversely, most of the Backrooms are much more dangerous and terrible than The Lobby.

4 works that express THE BACKROOMS in the game

The Backrooms drives the creator's creator's creator. As mentioned in the introduction, its momentum has spread to the game world. Already, there are many works inspired by Backrooms on Steam.

As you may have noticed in the explanations so far, the genre that is particularly compatible is horror game . The invisible anxiety and lightness of the point will excite the fear to the utmost. From now on, we will introduce four games on such The backrooms. Let's compare the features of each title.


The first one is The backroom-lost and found. The purpose is to find a way to escape while moving around the world of THE BACKROOM, which suddenly got lost. Mysterious objects and items are placed in the area, and you can get them by approaching. Let's explore the world of THE BACKROOM while collecting.

The map is laid with yellow walls and carpets, and looks like The Lobby. On the other hand, if you touch items and objects, the wallpaper may change suddenly.

Sometimes a horror production appears, such as textbooks causing abnormalities and mysterious sounds. If you go to the back, there will be places where the texture has caused a bug, and some stairs that do not know where it will last. It looks like a nightmare that does not end, and it expresses the world of The backroom cleverly. Because it can be played for free, it is a good work for those who want to touch the world view of Backroom first.


Next is THE BACKROOMS: FOUND FOOTAGE. This is also a work that wanders THE BACKROOM in search of the exit. The appearance of The backrooms: FOUND FOOTAGE basically explores the rooms with whitish yellow walls. In this work, there are status such as hungry, stamina, and oxygen, and if it is reduced, you must use food and drinks scattered in the map to recover.

Some of the items are familiar, such as potato chips for sweets. The package looks like that, so just holding it in your hand will heal your feelings a little. But if you explore, such a calm emotion will be lost. If you go ahead, the electricity will suddenly disappear, and the eerie voice often resounds. The light I have is weak, and I'm always nervous if there's nothing in the dark.

Also, the camera that moves the viewpoint is quite slow, so it is difficult to look back quickly. When you are in a dead end, let's pray that you will not be attacked by the enemy...!


The third is THE BACKROOMS 1998. According to the developer of this work, it is also influenced by the horror game Silent Hill. This work is composed of old VHS-style visuals, including the movie at the beginning. Compared to other THE BACKROOMS works, the map is narrower, but the creation is smaller, and each object is impressive.


And this object is just creepy...! A mysterious mannequin or tricycle, the question mark floats. Sometimes the field of view is secured from the camera screen such as Outlast, and it gives a terrible atmosphere.

In addition to this, furniture and wooden boards often move. Anyway, I will scare the player with all my might. Save can be executed as many times as a fixed number of times from the TV placed on the map. If you use a spray that can be picked up on the way, you can mark the wall. Let's proceed with the search while marking so as not to get lost.

By the way, in this work, it seems that the enemy reacts and acts by connecting the microph1. You have to control your voice, but you are not confident to play this game quietly...!


Finally, Enter the backrooms is introduced. Unlike other works, it is drawn in retro-style graphics like the first PlayStation. This adopts a rogue-like system that goes ahead of the Backrooms world. In the map, items that help capture and scattered diaries are also appeared. Explore the world of The backoms while passing through dangerous entities.

In this work, in addition to major levels of level 20 or more, it also includes a hierarchy like sidewalk in the world of THE BACKROOMS. It seems that it is a world of The backrooms because it seems that you can go to a place you can not do with a slight difference.

The update will be performed in the future, so if you like horror, you will feel a lot of fear in this game. … However, it should be at Level 0, which is said to be safe, but it is really bad for the heart that the color of the feet suddenly changes!

The combination of THE BACKROOMS and the horror game is the horror synergy

THE BACKROOMS game where attractive works gather. What was particularly scary for me while playing this time was THE BACKROOMS 1998 . The small map has a sense of obstruction and will definitely despair, saying, If you are attacked here, you will definitely die.... While playing, I was breathing every time something happened.

Also, you must be careful when listening to the sound The backrooms: Found Footage is also a hottest work. As mentioned earlier, the movement of the viewpoint is slow, so you must listen to the sound carefully and explore the danger. If you hear a disturbing sound, run away as far as possible.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of THE BACKROOMS, Enter the backrooms is recommended. With the various levels that appear, you should be able to enjoy the complex strange The backrooms hierarchy. Retro images also have a taste.

And if you want to immerse yourself in the world of THE BACKROOMS for the time being, The Backroom-Lost and Found is recommended. I think it expresses the worldview of the eerie image that has begun the most faithfully. As mentioned above, price is also free , so it is perfect to play first! Steam has also released many other The backrooms inspired works. All of them are games that are strongly influenced by the original eerie and obstructive, so if you like urban legends over search horror games and internet, please check out other works.