Ocelot and Andrew Tate: the controversial friendship for G2 and the explainable CEO calculation failure

It is not that I am too of the Castilian proverb, because he has things likewhom he gets up early, God helps him , and I know many people who have enjoyed enough divine help without ever having risen at the time when the streets They are not yet placed. But there is one that saystell me who you walk with, and I will tell you who you are , that more popular Castilian saying, it seems from that region where common sense is the prevailing law: perogrullo.

Last night, the CEO and founder of G2 eSports Carlos Ocelot Rodríguez made his friendship public with Andrew Tate . For those who do not know Andrew Tate, the first thing, congratulations, and the second, is an old Kick boxer converted to the leader of openly misogynist thought. He is a person who speaks without caution of physically assaulting women, or with enough racist and homophobic statements.

No ground cable

The Roman emperors, possibly of the most powerful human beings in history, had a slave who told them every so often _Memento Mori (Remember that you will die). His goal was to remind them that they were not untouchable, that no matter how much power they kneaded, they were not gods. It was a kind of ground cable, self-imposed with the aim of making decisions with the feet on the ground.

After being condemned by figures from the electronic sports scene, Ocelot want. Let's go back to the proverb, this time the Asturian:Yes and so countryman to come at the time, gall, it also to get up to her _; Assume the consequences, go.

Someone's friendships belong to his private life, more would be missing. But that Ocelot does not understand that it is the visible face of a company with hundreds of employees, and that in fact has cultivated that facet (it comes out in almost all the ads of G2 eSports and communications in social networks), is a lack of a lack of Own calculation of someone who has forgotten his moment More out of the Senate .

or calculation failure, or it is believed untouchable

It is possible to think that Ocelot has committed a calculation failure and that he really thought that there would be no impact on the eight-second video he published almost 24 hours ago. But at the same time it is perfectly reasonable to have the idea that Carlos knew it and that he believes himself untouchable, that his word is law and that he would not offend any1. And I repeat, this is a fact in view of the statements of club workers themselves. And not knowing your own workers does not seem a correct definition for CEO of success.

Andrew At the moment there have been several narrators of the maximum European competition of League of Legends, members of G2 and even personalities of the scene as the member of Team Heretics Jorge Gorgon those who disapprove of this attitude on the part of the Madrid. What surely we do not have to wait is an apology by Ocelot HEL, Lol's female team that just opened.

Terms such as dignity, respect and principles cannot be understood by people who think that social relationships are Moneyball. It's like trying to speak with an alien in a dead language like Latin, useless and even dangerous depending on how hostile that civilization is.

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