Overwatch 2: How to play for the tracer

Overwatch Several characters from the previous part are returning to Overwatch 2, who are available as game characters from the very beginning. One of these characters is the Overwatch agent and adventurer Tracer, who is unlocked from the very beginning.

The tracer is a shooter character in the Overwatch series, and, being a hero of damage, she is trained in close battle. She has experience in its speed and damage for one goal, which makes it one of the fastest heroes that you might face.

She is capable of traveling in time using her abilities by inflicting damage to her enemy and retreating, without even giving a chance to take revenge, which makes her one of the best characters to play Overwatch 2.

In this leadership, we will show you everything you need to know about the tracer in Overwatch 2.

* Explanation of the abilities of the tracer *

* Pulse pistol * The tracer is armed with two pulsed pistols that it uses to apply great damage at high speed, spreading to the region. This attack is best used as an attack by close combat, since it spreads in the form of a cone, causing damage.

*blink * Blink is the main and characteristic ability of the tracer, which it uses to move in the map in the direction in which it is now in order to prevent damage to the enemy. There are three pancakes in her arsenal, each of which has its own unique teleportation style. However, note that each Blink has a 3-second reload speed.

**** to recall

**** Recall, perhaps one of the most useful abilities of the tracer, if you use it correctly. Using this ability, it can travel in time 3 seconds earlier, which dumps all its attributes from its position to weaken the hero of support. Like Blink, Recall can be used as an escape tool, which makes it a protective ability, which needs to be mastered in Overwatch 2.

* Impulse bomb * This is an ultimate ability used by the tracer for applying maximum damage in area. She uses this ability, shooting a pulsed bomb, which sticks to the target, and after a few seconds explodes, killing everything for which she grabs. In order not to damage it yourself, the best strategy is to bounce off the bomb when it explodes to avoid damage.

* Tips and recommendations on tracing *

  • Since each blink is recharged within three seconds, it is best to use it in a chain to confuse opponents and complicate the counterattack.
  • Use the ability to return the tracer to lose time before each battle to instantly restore maximum health.
  • Always use its pulsed bomb ultimate ability in combination with a return or jump to avoid explosion and prevent damage.
  • Being a hero with a low DPS, you should never use it against turbofan, cobras, Winston, Forborne, Ana and Moira, since there is a high probability that they use the ability to slow down/stunning on the tracer.
  • Your main goal when playing for the tracer should be connected with support heroes due to its high speed and high damage.

* The best settings of the sight Tracer *

Being a hero of damage, the tracer uses the ability to distribute damage, such as the impulse pistol, to apply damage. Therefore, to make sure that the attack is damaged as many goals as possible, use the sight settings indicated below.

* Type- Circle * Show accuracy- turned off ** Color- Blue * thickness-* 1 ** Crossing length- 11 * Central gap-* 50 ** Op pry- 100% * Optensity of the circuit-* 100% ** The size of the point- 6 * Operation of the point-* 100% ** scale with resolution-** on

* The best cosmetics for tracer *

Cosmetics completely change the personality of your character, and a good skin and other cosmetics distinguish you from other characters and, of course, can attract the attention of other players.

* Skin: * Electric purple or lightning

* Emotion: * finger pistols

* Victory pose: * sitting

* Highlight the screensavers *: Obstacle

* Changes in the tracer in Overwatch 2 *

While many heroes have undergone serious changes in their character in Overwatch 2, there were heroes such as a tracer who underwent only minor changes. The only change made in the character of the tracer is its impulse pistol.

The pulse pistol tracer has undergone minor changes: now it can apply up to 5 units of damage instead of the previous 6. However, this increases the effectiveness of its attacks against heavily armed goals.