Escape horror Backrooms ‘96 is available for free. While collecting VHS tape, escape from something approaching from the back of the yellow space

OLLIE HALL, an individual developer, announced the survival horror game BACKROOMS ‘96 on November 1. Started distribution at ITCH.IO. It is distributed in Name Your Own Price format where users can cost prices. This work is a horror game based on the backroom (THE BACKROOM) that has been talked about in overseas forums.

Backrooms ‘96 is a first-person survival horror game. In this work, the player will operate the hero who has been trapped in a space called backroom where mysterious yellow rooms are indefinitely connected. Something of a humanoid lurks in the yellow room, and the flashing of the light is a signal, and the player approaches the player from afar and eerie. The purpose of this work is to try to escape all 10 VHS tapes scattered in the room while escaping from the humanoid something that follows. In this work, the automatic map of the map is introduced, and yellow rooms are infinite. Therefore, the player seems to step into the infinite hell that does not end until the VHS tape is gathered.

This work uses a number of sounds and video effects to stir the player's fear. For example, in a quiet yellow room, a loneliness is created by the player's footsteps echo strangely. In addition, the first-person perspective is a video over the camera, so the image quality is rough, and sometimes the noise is entered, so it is difficult to secure the visibility. It's hard to judge whether the thing you see in a few steps is a shadow or a strange thing. Achieving the goal of collecting VHS tape in such a situation will be extremely difficult.


There are many horror games on Backrooms. Even in Steam, the work of Backrooms is a popular content, and there are other Backrooms works that have introduced automatic generations include The Backrooms: Found Footage and Backrooms: Perpetual. Both works are a work that offers the fear of being left behind in the endless yellow room. This work is also expected to be a new professional-based backroom work that is connected to such works.

Backrooms ‘96 is being distributed in ITCH.IO in Name Your Own Price format. If you are confident that you will be able to escape from the presence of someone in a yellow room, why not play this work?