Online RPG Final Fantasy XIV Large Update Patch 6.3 Heaven Celebration Festival, Land Humping released in early January 2023

Square enix is the official live broadcast of FIV on the 74th Producer Letter LIVE online RPG final fantasy xiv The title of the large update patch 6.3 is Heavenly Celebration Festival, the sound of the earth. We announced that it will be.

This work is an online RPG where you can adventure with players around the world. Players can customize characters and enjoy adventures in the vast world with the worldview and characters of the Final Fantasy series.


The 74th Producer Letter LIVE also has the main story, the sequel to the Allan Slave Histology of Euler, the new deep dungeon and the out of the series, etc. are also revealed. It was done.

The main content scheduled to be added in ## Patch 6.3

・ New main quest ・ A new alliane-raid dungeon Histology of EU Sea's 2nd Joy of Joy ・ A new instance dungeon Snowmen Hand an Laps Manages ・ New subjugation / annihilation battle ・ The 5th new out series ・ A new vision annihilation battle Phantom God Sofia Delivery Battle ・ New Deep Dungeon 3rd ORT Eureka ・ Crystal conflict new stage added ・ Soften edition content supporter support ・ Tatar Great Prosperity Shorten ・ A new adventure extra edition

・ Hill Divan is back ・ Weapon enhanced content Mandarin Weapon ・ New friendship tribe quest Replit tribe ・ Crater & Gaza rah's tool enhanced content ・ New customer transaction ・ Update of uninhabited island development ・ New Treasure Hunt Dungeon Treasure Store Ellis Summation Restaurant ・ Jumping athletic new course added ・ Expansion of housing area ... and More! Some updates will be patched 6.31 or later.

The fourth official stamp of this work, centered on the characters that appeared in Katsuki no Finale, began on November 10.

final fantasy xiv Large Update Patch 6.3 Heaven Celebration Festival, Ground Hounding will be released in early January 2023.