Rainn Wilson, Dwight of The Office, changes his name

Rain Wilson, an actor known for playing Dwight Chute in The Office _, is an activist who constantly talks about global warming. In this way, during the Cop27 summit of the United Nations that took place in Egypt this week, the playwright has revealed that he He has changed his name to Rainfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson in a protest form.

According to the actor, this is not a joke, and all interested parties can generate their own name to protest against climate change in the name generator of Arctic Risk . This was what he said about it:


With the help of my scientific friends in Arctic Basecamp, I changed my name to Rainfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson. This is not a joke, I speak as seriously as the Arctic that melts, which amplifies global risks, including extreme meteorological phenomena worldwide.

I hope this name change calls attention to this growing... her, merger problem. We need world leaders in COP27 to realize and take action. The Arctic is melting millions of liters per second, however, this problem seems not to be able to make a name for itself, so it depends on us to make a name for him.

Go to Arcticriskname.org and create a name that attracts attention to this problem. Then, and this is the important part, change your social media profile or name to show to match your new Name of Arctic risk. And if enough of us do this, then perhaps the COP27 is where our world leaders feel and notice the risks of the Arctic and enter a solution.

While it seems that Wilson does not take this name change as a joke, at the moment it is unknown if he plans to modify official documents to reflect this modification. Therefore, The actor still has the name Rain Wilson on his Twitter account, so it is implied that this is only temporary.

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