5 Predicted Details About Microsoft's Xbox Series S Controller

The company filed the patent for the controller in November. The patent shows an updated version of Microsoft's Xbox One S controller, with a rounder D-pad and joysticks, a button on top to turn the console on or off, and a USB port for connecting peripheral devices.

It appears that we now know what the brand-new Xbox Series S controller will appear like, although Microsoft has not yet confirmed the presence of the console. A Twitter user called Oak S (@zakk_eke) stated on Sunday that it has purchased the new controller, which can apparently be utilized for Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, on the resale site provided for $35. The new controller, called robot white, looks quite like that utilized for the Xbox One, with some minor modifications. On the one hand, the Xbox Series S controller has actually a D-PAD developed a little different on the left side of the controller. In addition, this new controller has a 3rd button, which seems to be a sharing button in the middle of the controller.

It is just to wonder if this controller is truly legitimate, however the unit of the console, in addition to the fact that an Xbox One has in fact recognized the controller, seem to indicate what is in fact authentic. With regard to real confirmation, Microsoft did not react to a comment demand worrying the controller, for The Edge. We may not have to wait long for an effective verification of Microsoft.


According to some reports, the Xbox Series S would be revealed later on this month, and perhaps we could then understand whether it is the real controller.