All new fighters will appear in Street Fighter 6

The upcoming new game in the most favorite series of the Cap com fighting wings is designed to break stereotypes with many new ideas. The list of Street Fighter 6 includes many classic favorites with a new appearance, but the new characters look very fun. Each fan played a million matches with BYU and Chandler, but who will they meet in the arena after the game release?

every new character Street Fighter 6


The first new character to be presented is this stylish drunk boxer. He was represented as an opponent Luke from Street Fighter 5 and a friend of Yuan and Yang from Third Strike. His combat style includes his love of dancing, and he is already preparing to become one of the brightest new faces in the game. Jamie uses his skills to protect his house in the Chinese quarter, and his unique style will undoubtedly make it outstanding.


Once Kimberly was an ordinary child with intelligence above average, until she graduated from college early and decided to fulfill her new dream to become a ninja. Fortunately, in the world of Street Fighter she had a great example to follow. Kimberly is a student of Guy from Final Fight, combining her love for graffiti with his style Bushing.


You will notice many reverse challenges in her set of movements, but she is an excellent new character.


The first new fighter without any obvious connection with the rest of the actors, this supermodel is looking for beauty in everything. Manon is the World Judo champion, which suggests that she can be a new fighter in the game. Her outfits are amazing, and the blows are strong.


This massive Italian fighter has a gladiator motive in its design and battle style. She claims that he is the ancestor of the Spartan warriors, as her scene in the Greek Coliseum suggests. She is a strong fighter who can withstand a lot of blows and inflict damage. When she is not in the arena, she is a designer of jewelry.


In every fighting game there should be a villain, and this dangerous businessman seems to be ready to play this role. JP is the head of a major non-governmental organization, and he uses his elegant cane in every fight. It seems that he is able to manipulate some kind of ominous energy, visually similar to the psychosis of M. Bison. JP is a tall figure and literally a villain that stroking a cat, but his style makes him a real sight. To obtain additional information about Street Fighter 6, read all modes in Street Fighter 6, and how does the driving system work in Street Fighter 6? In professional game guidelines.