Dark Eden's Elysion Character Name Preemption Event

Sop ton Entertainment Co., Ltd. (CEO Taught Yew), an authentic online game company, announced that it will celebrate its 20th anniversary at its horror action MMORPG Dark Eden, and will start the new regional Dick Tartar Open and new World Elysian character name.

The Dick Tutor Update Event will be held from the regular inspection on December 14 to the regular inspection on December 14. The event can be obtained by the [Update Memorial Box] according to a certain probability of killing a treasure chest monster in the Dick Tutor region.

The new world character name preoccupation event will be held from December 14th to midnight on December 27, and the new world's character shopping cart is received when the new world is opened after the character name preoccupies during the event period. It is possible.

The new World Grand Open will be held on Wednesday, December 28, 2022. The new world event is designed to allow return users and new users to grow fast and adapt to the game.

Yew Taught, CEO of Sop ton Entertainment, said, Dark Eden celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.


Thanks to the users who have loved you for a long time. To commemorate this, we have prepared new regions and new world grand grands. I will continue to be a game company that strives to satisfy users.

The new world's update and new world character name preemption events can be found on the website, Never channeling, and the Dark Eden official YouTube channel.