How To Farm 7,000 Gold Per Hour

Farming is a daily routine in New World and with the right farm you can easily get 7,000 gold per hour.


Do you simply wish to farm gold in New World without having to focus on the MMORPG? Then we have a great suggestion from Mango. How does this work? Generally, it's simply about collecting cactus meat and offering this item. Travel to the northernmost quick travel point of the sulfur sand desert and simply take apart all the cacti you can discover.

Depending on the server, every Backus meat discovered brings you in between 0.9 and 2.2 gold for taxes. With a couple of tricks you can quickly farm 4,000 to 6,000 of them with a few techniques. This corresponds to approximately around 7,000 gold. The very best aspect of the approach is that you do not need to pay a great deal of attention. Collecting can be done excellently while listening or viewing a video to a podcast. In addition, everybody can do it, because the requirements are exceptionally low. What are the requirements and tricks? You need a character at level 60. You need at least wood falls to 50. You ought to skill 300 constitution with the characteristics to make a chance of 20 % trees straight. You must have an excellent timber fall ax, ideally with the bonus offers more yield and efficiency. Ideally, you likewise have an Orichalcum ax, which also rewards you with elementary particles throughout taking apart. This enables the gold to be increased by a few hundred per hour. You ought to offer the cactus meat in a trading position that takes as little tax as possible (for instance through location bonus offers).

cactus meat is always valuable thanks to dishes

Why is it worth it? This technique is definitely not the most effective, but it is simple to perform and needs little concentration. The cactus meat likewise stays quite stable because it is used for the production of numerous buff foods, however likewise by chitin pads. On AAU, the rate was even somewhat up, from 1.1 to 2.46 gold. What are the methods of gold farms? Basically, you can earn gold by means of quests, loot and the disassembly of items. But there are other techniques, such as the PVP material, trophies or the production and sale of the ideal items. We have summarized whatever here: Farm New World Gold: With these 6 tricks you earn the fastest Theiler